brick path to nowhere, etc.

if we revisit my backyard project list from the spring, we’ll remember i called it a “nice, manageable list for summer” and it went a little something like this:

  • hardscape underneath our gate; i’d love to find some brick to reclaim at a building site somewhere in the city for the project
  • rig up a clothesline for laundry… and string lights!
  • create a little pathway to our barbeque; plants are taking over the thoroughfare and it’s been a little difficult to navigate recently

i guess it was nice and manageable, because summer is over (or, at least, toronto seems to think so) and i sort of did all this stuff? but with questionable results. my under-gate hardscape project turned out rather well; it’s holding up like a champ, and i can easily pretend it wasn’t a terrible day that required four car trips to queen and woodbine during the jazz festival and means i still have a huge pile of unusable bricks sitting in my front garden.


with the leftover bricks, i tasked pierre with creating a little pathway to our barbeque (list item no. 3). of course, this particular area is filthy with giant tree roots, so it was just one of those impossible things i dreamed up to infuriate my husband.


IMG_3207IMG_3208so it’s not all that great, but it’s done, and it might look a lot better with a fresh, new barbeque pad, which we hope to have poured or laid or magicked into the yard this october, when we REBUILD OUR MUDROOM. not “we” exactly, actually. licensed professionals. licensed professionals? unsure. but some people are going to come and make it happen and there will be an obnoxiously sized skylight in our roof at the end of it all.

item no. 2 on the backyard to-do list was to hang a clothesline for — silly — string lights! i have yet to use it for laundry, though i have good intentions, but maybe not this year, now that fall has reared its chilly, windy head. IMG_3102IMG_3105

all the same, i now have a rusty steel pole at the back of my lot realizing its potential and a clothesline snaking its way 50 feet to my house, clad in string lights. it’s easy to put the string lights up and take them down; you just attach the first light behind the wench, so it can’t slide, and then you pull! no more standing on the shed’s roof to attach lights to a rusty wire. IMG_3104IMG_3109they’re easy to put up and take down, but they’re also okay to leave out in the rain, so i haven’t taken them down since putting them up. but the minute i want to air dry freshly laundered sheets, i’m just about 10 minutes away from making that a reality. so,  it’s not all that likely. but completely within the realm of possibility.

and SEE THAT? that benign tumour off the back of our house? you can barely see it; it was kinda dark when i took this picture. but soon it will be gone. gone in a bin with the bricks in my front garden. soon to be built anew, winterized and waterproof, with cedar shakes and a skylight. this is it — our last big lump sum investment in the house, the last thing that needs doing, and is honestly, with its leaking windows and freezing cold floor, the first thing we should have done.