junction flea!

several years ago i was looking for a vaguely specific kind of lamp (“i’ll know it when i see it”), and i thought a good place to find a lamp of such ilk would be a flea market type-place. so pierre hauled my dad’s ford escape (oh, the pre-civic days!) across the city to st. clair and dufferin, to the 6000 square foot behemoth that is the toronto weston flea market.

the toronto weston flea market was not the flea market of my dreams, but the flea market of my nightmares. after an hour in the truck, we stayed all of 5 minutes — this place is nothing but a warehouse of pirated dvds, cheap rugs, and a food court.

in the years since, i’ve honed my flea market knowledge, and have never again found myself staring at pasties and fake rolexes, but instead have found myself happily sifting through old postcards on belgian soil. i’d all but given up on the idea of a toronto flea market, however, but a few weeks ago a tweet from @blogto appeared in my twitter feed announcing a new flea market in the junction, one of my all-time favourite neighbourhoods west of the don valley.

yesterday was the first flea of the season — they’re doing them in a parking lot just east of keele on dundas the second sunday of every month this summer — and i am delighted to report that the junction flea market was amazing. i don’t know about better than le vieux marché in brussels (they’ve been doing it every saturday since 1640, so they might have a thing or two down over a debut market), but there were a lot of great vendors: a great mix of clothing, leather goods, furniture, art, and textiles; and augie’s popsicles was there, too!

the vintage cabin was there!
bookhou was there!

i loved looking at the way many vendors had chosen to display their wares. if you’ve ever attended the one of a kind show or a city of craft show, you’ll know what i mean when i say there can be something artistic and beautiful about booth displays, and hardly any of these tables were just junk heaped in cardboard boxes, but it looked like the vast majority of vendors had spent a bunch of time arranging and rearranging for the most flattering way to showcase their stuff.

pierre went back to these vinyl and canvas messenger bags a few time (there were 3 at the start of the morning). at $20 a piece they seemed like a great buy, but in the end he felt they weren’t quite what he was looking for.

he also briefly considered adding this heavy chain to our home gym.

just like in brussels, i bought some art! this print is initialed and signed by the artist, marked #16, and dated 1967. the initials are “a.p.” and the signature is indecipherable, but whether or not it’s worth anything more than the $50 i paid for it, i don’t really care. i just buy what i like. i thought the print had a real mid-century feel to it, and the yellow matches perfectly with our shelving unit in the living room, sewing table-desk in the spare bedroom, and bright yellow kettle in the kitchen, so i knew i could definitely find a room to hang it in. right now it’s leaning against a wall in our dining room, awaiting a decision.

the only thing the market was lacking was coffee (maybe good neighbour wants to jump in next month?) but we solved that by popping in to the junction eatery across the street before making our rounds. the next flea is july 8th!