stone walls

the mudroom is taking shape! a square-ish shape! helped along this week by joe the surly stone mason and crew. they fixed the brick at the back of our house (eroded by water thanks to the leaky mudroom) and crafted these cinder block walls, which will serve as the foundation for our new mudroom.

i was super glad to get two skids of cinder blocks and a yard of masonry sand off our lawn, though our sliding glass door and our framing lumber arrived yesterday, going right into the space vacated by the blocks and sand, so we’re not really making any progress in the free space department. however, pierre tarred the cinder block walls to make them water tight, which means that we can soon begin the laborious process of backfilling the hole. i’m really excited to get all the soil back in the ground so that i can assess the damage to my lawn and plants.

IMG_3979IMG_3977the twin carpenters are scheduled to work a few days this week and, if the weather and their schedule cooperates, there’s a good chance we will have our new mudroom framed up before next weekend. the yard will still be a disaster and the basement will still need to be tarped off (lots of drywall dust to come), but at least we’ll be able to do a load of laundry (and when you spend all day digging, raking, and pouring, you need to do laundry).