bathroom budget breakdown


earlier this year, i outlined our $1,250 bathroom budget and what we hoped to accomplish with it. from the start, we planned to keep many of the big ticket items in the bathroom as-is (tiles, layout, tub, and toilet), which really kept our costs down. our big splurges were a new sink and taps, plus the lighting to show them off…oh, hell, everything added up. all told, the bathroom revamp totalled $1,289 — but that’s excluding the twins’ labour because that cost was generously covered by my dad. and i would have been right on target except for a sneaky $40 c.o.d. charge i had to pay upon delivery of our light fixture! boo.

for the simply curious or budget-conscious, below is a breakdown of the costs associated with our 1940s bungalow bathroom facelift.


we reused the rectangular mirror over the sink because its slim profile fit the space perfectly. i already owned the classroom hook used to hold the hand towel and that little plastic garbage can was a dollar store purchase in university, but everything else in this photograph was purchased new (or old) for our bathroom remodel.

emory double light fixture in polished nickel from schoolhouse electric – $175 (+ $40 shipping and $40 c.o.d.)
handmade opal glass shades from from schoolhouse electric – $70
cheviot “kent” pedestal sink from – $300
porcelain cross-handle teapot taps from – $100
wood cabinet from craigslist – $15
metal locker basket from smash – $25
murphy oil soap from home depot (to clean the nightstand) – $4
baseboard filler piece from home depot – $6


i added an additional surface for storage to the right of our sink. it’s perfect for our toothbrushes and hand soap and for somewhere to put a heating-up curling iron or charging electric razor. we were formally housing all this stuff in our recessed window, but that space is so tight we were sometimes knocking (glass) jars of stuff off the sill and having it shatter on the tile. all our glass is now safe from wayward elbows.

bm “gray owl” (walls) paint and supplies from benjamin moore beaches – $65
floating frame from deserres – $22
broadview photograph taken by pierre, printed at pikto for – $15
shelf brackets from rideau antiques – $45
tremclad high-gloss black spray paint from home depot – $7
floor board / shelf from rideau antiques – $2
ceramic soap dish from value village – $1.50
ceramic toothbrush holder from rideau antiques – $6
silver tray from value village – $2


the white, fluffy towels were a wedding gift and, after three years of marriage, i was beginning to think we’d have to replace them soon (they were starting to feel all scratchy and worn). then, my mom told me about fabric softener! and now, they’re like new. with no real linen closet to speak of (and even less of one once our studio is converted to a nursery) our towels are out at all times, so it’s nice they look and feel soft again. the door was a project from over a year ago so i haven’t included the costs below, but the door was $30 and the hardware less than $10.

european petite collection towel bars by gatco from – $60
enamel restroom sign from schoolhouse electric – $20
uddgrund shower curtain from ikea – $20
eggegrund shower curtain lining from ikea – $5


the bathtub was recaulked and we kept our bath trim, but replaced the shower head. i love our new shower head — and the shower hub and tub faucet that went with it — but the twins explained they’d have to demolish, replumb, and redrywall parts of our bathroom in order to switch the hub and faucet in the shower. sigh — so not in the budget or a logical thing to do. instead, i used some clr and a scour pad to shine up the shower curtain rod, shower curtain rings, hub, and faucet and called it a day.

i wasn’t planning to replace our shower curtain, but because of the light shades and overall colour scheme i ended up wanting to. i really liked this shower curtain, but the price was less than perfect so i went with a substitute from ikea, which worked out really well. i’d also planned on reusing our over-the-shower-arm shower caddy, but once the shower head was installed i changed my mind. i bought a corner caddy at iq living a few weeks ago and so far it hasn’t come crashing down in the middle of the night to scare the hell out of us.

pfister marielle raincan shower head, arm, and flange from home depot – $125
clr metal cleaner from home depot – $10
moen 2″ bathtub plug from home depot – $3
caulking and caulking tools from home depot – $10
suction! shower caddy from iq living – $20
vintage classroom hook from maccool’s reuse – already had

bungalow bathroom

the medicine cabinet came with the house and i knew it was going to stay — hard to beat a cabinet so perfectly proportioned. i sanded and painted the wood front (with supplies we already had), used steel wool to clean the metal shelves and sides, and then did a big purge of what was inside. tiger balm that expired while i was in the eighth grade? pepto bismol more likely to give me a stomach ache than cure it? gone. i bought the clear storage containers from kitchen stuff plus shortly after we moved in and i don’t remember what they cost.

glass shelves from home hardware – $50
ceramic bud flower vase from value village – $0.50
european petite collection toilet paper roll holder by gatco from – $25
make-up bag by jenna rose (ships!) – already had

if i’ve left anything out or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know!