bathroom revisited


i made over our one tiny bathroom a few years ago, installing a pedestal sink and old time-y faucet, new shower head and painting it benjamin moore’s grey owl and i’ve been pretty happy with it. but i’m getting to the point in my maternity leave where my baby is taking two decent naps a day and i actually have some free time — i never thought i’d see the day when i spent her naps doing anything other than dishes, laundry, showering or staring blankly at a wall, but here i am, nine months later, and i managed to repaint the bathroom over the course of three days of naps.

as we’re getting ready to (probably) move to b.c., i’ve started to declutter pretty aggressively. many of the things we’ve decided we can part with have some value and  decluttering well in advance means we give ourselves the time to sell them. it’s also one less thing to concern ourselves with when the time comes to pack up the house — if an item’s still here in april, it means we want to take it with us. so, why on earth would i use three days worth of naps to paint a bathroom i’m probably going to be leaving behind in a few months? for me, rearranging follows hot on the heels of decluttering. i sold the rug that used to live under our coffee table and so brought up a rug from the basement to replace it. i moved frankie’s playroom to the finished part of our basement and so moved that large rug under our couch, which caused me to bring that rug into our bedroom. and so on and on and on and on. i like everything to “work” together, from the foyer to the family room downstairs; i strive for flow from room to room, complementary colours and patterns and the like. when one thing changes, there’s this domino effect throughout the house until everything feels balanced to me again.


in this domino metaphor, the bathroom wall colour fell with this latest shift. light grey walls no longer complemented anything else in the house. but, the rug i brought into the master bedroom across the hall contained this great taupe colour, which was an exact match for our dining room chairs. i decided i really needed to repaint the bathroom. i chose benjamin moore’s ashley grey as the new colour and got to work painting (trim stayed the same: sugar cookie) and also rearranging.


the reason i am so enthusiastic about my whole house exuding a certain vibe and adhering to a complementary colour palette is because i can swap things out room to room and create fresh looks without buying anything new. in this latest version of the bathroom, the canvas leaning against the wall came from frankie’s bedroom, the line drawing on the shelf (pictured below) came from the basement, the bleached antler came from the dining room table, the arrow above the window came from the kitchen (you’ll have to take my word for it — the bathroom’s too small and poorly lit to get a decent picture), the knob on the nightstand is an extra from frankie’s dresser, etc.



completely unexpectedly, my $100 refresh (gallon of paint and a new shower curtain from urban outfitters) got a little more expensive/headache-y when pierre cracked our toilet putting the tank back on. i can barely even get a picture of the new toilet, our bathroom is so small, but we have now entered the modern age with a dual-flush. we were seriously limited by size (do you know how many toilets are just 26″ deep? not many) and availability (we needed that toilet immediately). we went with a brand called uberhaus and then pierre had a hell of a time installing it on our sloping bathroom floor. he didn’t even get (that) mad at me. i applaud him.


this little trivet is from ethel’s on queen east (rip) and it’s moved around my house so many times without a real purpose, but i’ve never been able to get rid of it because it works in every room (with all those colours how could it not?), but also doesn’t have a clear purpose. like, should it hold keys by the front door? a sponge by the sink? discarded jewelry in the bedroom? for now, it’s got soap in the shower. and, in the spirit of what i wrote above (everything kind of flowing together), the mosaic pattern now repeats in frankie’s bedroom and in the living room, the subject of a later post.