little bungalow is for sale!

img_8510i kind of thought i’d never live to see this day. really, i thought the only way i’d move out of this house was if i was moving into a cemetery somewhere. i couldn’t be more excited to be moving to victoria, but the “for sale” sign out in front of our house is choking me up just the same.

there is a lot of activity planned for this week. there will be an agents’ only open house thursday morning, a neighbours’ only open house friday night and a public open house on the weekend. offers, if any, will be presented to us on monday evening and i hope the best offer comes from someone who will show the house the same amount of love that we and all its previous owners have done.

this truly is a lucky house. it’s nearly 80 years old and the home inspection we had done last week in preparation for the sale revealed not a single notable flaw. yes, the remaining 1990s windows could be replaced and the massive silver maple is in need of trimming, but, should we have stayed, both those things were on our 2017 to-do list.

so, if you’re in the market for a detached brick bungalow with a ton of charm, in the best city neighbourhood and in great condition, this one is in need of someone new to love and care for it! our realtor has created an awesome website with lots of photos and all the details here. (note: this link might break once the house is sold.) if you think that you’re the right person to take on the big job of loving this small space, then i hope to meet you in my living room on monday night over a glass of champagne!