I started this blog in 2011 to keep a record of all the little changes that helped two adults live comfortably in an 800 square foot brick bungalow in Toronto. We added an oversized orange cat to our family in 2014 and a perfect baby girl in early 2016. When our daughter was just four months old, we began dreaming about an even simpler (and much warmer!) life by the ocean and mountains. Around her first birthday, we decided to sell our beloved first home and move to Vancouver Island, a magical place on the west coast. March 2017 saw us pack our boxes and move from the Danforth East neighbourhood in Toronto to a pocket of Victoria, BC known as Oaklands.


Our new house is over one hundred years old and 1177 square feet. The extra breathing room has done nothing to curtail our minimalist lifestyle, but it did convince us to add a second perfect little daughter to our family in February 2019.  I am now renovating and decorating this new smallish space for my family and documenting it all here. Thanks for stopping by!


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