queen teak

despite being less than 90 square feet, our old “master” bedroom actually contained quite a bit — a small rug, a queen-sized mattress on the floor, stacks of books beside the bed, pictures leaning against the wall, a three-drawer dresser and all the clothes and accessories that we could cram into a 48″ closet and hide behind an ill-fitting curtain.

when we slept on our mattress for the last time the house was empty except for us, and it. with the exception of the mattress, our two suitcases and a rolling pin we discovered in the back of a cupboard, all our things had been loaded onto the moving truck that day. we decided to leave our mattress behind (our neighbours kindly donated it to a shelter for us) because we knew we’d need something to sleep on in the new house right away and it was more appealing to replace our nearly decade-old mattress (and save the moving cost) than to buy a stop-gap item like a therm-a-rest or air mattress while we waited for our old mattress to arrive.

we chose an endy mattress and had it shipped to our realtor’s house. on the day we arrived in victoria, she schlepped it over to our new house and lugged it up onto the porch so that it (and our keys) would be waiting for us when we arrived. (we seriously could not have managed this move without so much generosity and help, sometimes from total strangers.) and so life began in oak house as it had ended in little bungalow — with us sleeping on a mattress on the floor in an otherwise empty room.


when our moving boxes arrived a couple of weeks later, we unpacked them slowly. (with a toddler running around slow was sort of the only speed of which we were capable.) but we also tried to unpack them intentionally. we’ve actually donated/sold several boxes of things since moving — which just goes to show that you can always let go of more. as part of the most recent small family homes blogger round up, i wrote a post about how we’re embracing minimalism in our new house not because we have to, but because we want to. so, despite our bedroom doubling in size, i resisted the temptation to layer a bunch of new things in here (picture frames, a mirror, plants, pillows) or even unpack everything that we had squeezed into our old space. the result is a space that’s large, but uncluttered, a truly restful place to fall asleep and wake up in every day. it’s also the very first room in our new house to be 100% done (praise hands), right down to the insides of the closets and the new hinges on the bedroom door!


it may have taken nearly four months to complete, but this room was refreshed using very little besides a paintbrush and screwdriver and total expenditure (including furniture, mattress, etc.) was about $4000.


  • walls were washed, patched and painted sherwin williams colour navajo white
  • ceiling was patched and painted sw colour extra white
  • overhead light fixture was replaced
  • insides of closets, closet ceilings and closet doors were painted extra white
  • door was painted extra white
  • all trim (closet door casings, door casing, window casings and baseboards) was ripped out and reinstalled by our carpenters
  • all trim was painted extra white
  • wooden windows were both primed and painted extra white
  • closet door hardware was replaced (yep, even the hinges!)
  • door hardware was replaced (yep, even the hinges!)
  • window sash locks were replaced with white
  • window screens were primed and spray painted black
  • electrical outlets and covers were changed from almond to white
  • window shades were replaced
  • we scored a sweet mid-century teak platform bed for $900
  • added an ikea rug that fit our colour palette perfectly
  • and i hung my diy lights from our old bedroom above our new integrated night tables

paint sherwin williams navajo white and extra white | bed frame the fabulous find | queen mattress endy | throw pillow urban outfitters | wall sconces diy | wall weave ruby day studio | botanical print bookhou | window treatments hunter douglas duette honeycomb shades via pacific blinds | overhead light fixture schoolhouse electric | closet hardware ikea | rug ikea | door hardware the home depot

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