frankie rose’s floral nursery


i have only ever wanted one child, but the temptation for more is great — i love putting together kids’ spaces and have so many ideas for nurseries! oh well. i consider myself very lucky that i had the opportunity to plan and put together two nurseries for my one daughter.

that being said, her new bedroom is not much different from her old one, decor wise. it’s twice the size so that obviously makes it a very different space! but the only things that are new in her new room are the decals on the back wall (they’re these ones from urban walls), the two crocheted baskets and the chair, which i took from my mother-in-law’s guest room right before we moved. everything else is either from her old nursery (crib, sheets, art, shelving, etc.) or from somewhere else in our old house (dresser, couch).


her bedroom was not actually in bad shape when we moved in. it didn’t have baseboards, i’m not sure what decade the light fixtures were from and all the electrical outlets were almond coloured, but it had great floors and passable walls and a ceiling, which is pretty much all i need to let loose. (there are other rooms in this house that do not have those basics.)

we pulled out the built-in desk and gutted the closet, got rid of the closet doors, used up a lot of polyfil, sanded, sanded, sanded then washed the walls. i used the nail polish remover test (if paint comes off on the swab it’s latex, if the wall gets shiny it’s oil) to check whether the walls had been most recently painted with a latex- or an oil-based paint and cotton swab came up latex, so that saved me from priming.

the walls got two coats of navajo white and the ceiling got two flat coats of extra white. the inside of the closet was also painted — three coats of extra white on the walls and on the ceiling inside the closet. we knew we were going to bring in our carpenters to do trim in the room so i didn’t have to do very much cutting in with regards to the painting, which saved a lot of time. (all paint is by sherwin-williams, btw.)


i put the wall decals up while frankie napped in our bedroom one afternoon. the cutting and placement planning took a bit of time, but they were so easy to do and i’m really happy with them! i keep thinking it’s wallpaper on that back wall, but nope — decals! way less expensive and easier to put up/take down than wallpaper; i definitely recommend them.


i recently wrote a post on the bedroom closet renovations, but a quick recap: her closet got cleaned out and painted and i decided to swap her four-drawer dresser with this three-drawer one, which used to belong to pierre and me. i painted the dresser a colour called reclining green and the drawers restful. both these colours are part of the oak house colour palette and will also appear in other parts of the house. they’re also a perfect match for the wall decals and some of the other pieces i already had for her room, like the vintage thermos that holds my mom’s collection of porcelain roses.  the knobs are all from various years from anthropologie; some of them were on her former dresser. and the volkswagen van belonged to pierre! the perfect addition to a west coast nursery.

i debated adding a tension rod to her closet between the back and front walls. her closet’s nearly two feet deep, so there would have been space for 12 outfits or so. but, as everything fits into her dresser, i decided it’s simply not necessary at this time. once her clothes get longer or she has a few things that can’t be balled into drawers, i will try to find a sturdy one that can go as small as 22″. a tension rod is definitely the way to go — the plaster walls don’t take kindly to screws!


i was a little nervous to do so (seeing as we had a looong stretch of bad nights before we moved), but we sold her rocker and moved our mustard-coloured couch into her new bedroom. this used to be our living room couch before we swapped our living and dining rooms in our toronto house and i really wanted to hang onto it because i knew it would be a perfect story time couch one day… or just give me a comfortable place to sit with a cup of coffee during a dance recital/puppet show. so far it’s been great! she still gets a nap time and bedtime bottle and i do both of those feedings here. the cushion covers are also washable, a feature of which i have made use!

i did not hang all of her (or, should i say, my) children’s book art in her new bedroom, despite lots of wall space. living in an empty house for a couple of weeks, we all found we really enjoyed the white space. so when all our moving boxes arrived, we decided we wouldn’t be in a rush to dust off decorative items and return everything to their rooms.  i put up my favourites (from the books the vole brotherscounting on falloddreywhy? and picture a tree), but i’ve put the others aside for now. in addition to art, prints and photographs, we have several boxes of miscellaneous decorative things waiting to be unpacked still — but i think it will be off to the thrift store for most of it, once i figure out where the nearest thrift store is. (it is so odd to live in a new city and not know these things yet.)


we brought the lighting into the 21st century and replaced the bare bulb in the ceiling with the alabax medium light fixture from schoolhouse electric; we got one for our bedroom, too. the light bulb has a “dipped in stainless steel” effect, which is pretty cool. i ordered it from schoolhouse also, but turns out you can buy them at canadian tire.

the one thing still to do in frankie’s bedroom is a new window casing and a window covering, which should be happening in the next few weeks! we’ve given a lot of thought to replacing windows. when we were putting together a renovation budget, figuring out what our max purchase price for this home could be, our knee-jerk reaction was to pencil in $15,000 to replace all the windows; they were last done when i was in kindergarten. but we’re living in such a temperate climate now and all the windows work (which is more than i can say for the windows in our toronto house) that we’ve ultimately decided to save a few of the windows, including this one, and save some money in the process.


we moved the ikea ribba picture ledges and the toy shelf from her old room (patched all the holes, sanded and painted for the new owners so they wouldn’t mind). about half of her books are in her bedroom and the other half are in our dining room; we have a number of built-ins along one wall and frankie has one whole cabinet to herself for books and toys.


as much as i loved getting to design a second nursery, i don’t think this room will need a redesign for a long time (that is, i think taking the rail off the crib to turn it into a junior bed will be all this space needs to transition it from a “nursery” to a “little girl’s room”). unless frankie rose turns out to hate florals, of course.

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