#minsgame : week two


it’s week two of the minsgame challenge! i trashed, donated or gave away an additional 99  items this week (there are lots of bonus points in there) and i’m still not feeling very challenged yet. at the outset, i thought i would be feeling the pinch by now; i really thought that after all our years of decluttering and living in a small space that there would be no way our house would contain 496 pieces of “junk.” but it totally does. i don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that. here’s what i tossed this week:

december 8 — i started off week two by revisiting the cd collection (8). much like our book collection, it seems i need multiple passes to really winnow cds down to the ones i think i’ll actually listen to again. honestly? i could probably eliminate a box and 50 lbs from our move by ripping all the music files to my computer and donating all our cds, but that’s a project for another season. then, i decided to move our records (6) to an empty shelf in our teak cabinet and i was able to add six records and the crate (1) that held them previously to the donate pile.

december 9 — i pulled two boxes off our shelving in the basement and, save for a few extra special sentimental items, tossed both boxes and almost everything in them. one box contained memorabilia from our wedding and the other memorabilia from our early dating days. now, throwing all that stuff away might sound heartless, but guys, i had kept everything. like, the post-it notes that asked me to pick up milk. and ticket stubs for everything. and little matchbooks from restaurants (which i kept, by the way), but also the receipts for those meals. like, who needs to know we once spent $130 on dinner at a restaurant that isn’t even open anymore? i’m calling this nine, but it was like 900 things.

december 10 — i added some dvds (8) to the pile and also sold my guitar, electronic tuner and capo (3) to a woman for $225. i hadn’t played my guitar in recent memory (since moving into this house at least), so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to let it go and make a bit of money.

december 11 — i returned some mason jars (7) to their original owners because you’re unlikely to continue to be gifted preserves if you never return the jars to the makers. i also went through a basket of travel toiletries (4) and tossed a handful of little things that i’ll never use, like sample perfume spritzers and those floss threaders that the dentist foists on me. i also donated/sold some empty pictures frames (9) and made another $40.

december 12 — i combed through my small pile of workout clothes (13) and donated the tops and bottoms that are realistically not going to fit me again. i’ve mostly been running in pierre’s shirts and, by getting rid of mine, which don’t fit, i feel like i’ve given myself permission to go and buy a few that do. plus! we’re currently working on a reversal of our living and dining rooms (coming full circle to christmas 2010 when we moved in to this house) and making our largest room our living room and the smaller room that we were using as a sitting area back into a small dining room. this meant i needed to find a home for the sitting room furniture. i moved the rug into frankie’s room and then sold her sheepskin (1) for $75. we only had room for one rug and the one from the sitting room was the more unique piece/more important to us, so that’s the one that stayed.

december 13 —  i did a quick round of purging in my kitchen and got rid of an assortment of cookware (10): one giant cookie sheet that i have three of (but i only have two racks in my oven), superfluous muffin/loaf pans, mugs we never choose, etc. i also went back into that random hardware box that i mentioned last week and fished out our extra vacuum heads (5) and tossed them because we’ve never used them. things that have never been used have no place on a moving truck. as part of the living/dining room reversal i mentioned above, i moved our mustard-coloured couch to frankie’s play area downstairs, which also necessitated a sale: i sold the ikea ps cabinet (1) for $50 to make room for the couch. it wasn’t holding much anyways and i was able to move what it was holding to new locations easily.

december 14 — i went through my sock/underwear drawer (14) and got rid of everything that was maternity, torn, pilling or stretched out. i then bought eight replacement pieces for that drawer because you can only go so minimal with underwear.


pierre cottoned on to the fact that i was making a lot of trips to value village and asked me what the heck i was doing. i had sworn to myself that i wouldn’t touch any of his things throughout this challenge and i thought he’d think the whole thing was ridiculous so i hadn’t made mention of it. but, to my surprise, he was pretty enthusiastic about adding some of his stuff to the tally! so, next week we’re going through our outerwear, our “work stuff,” linens and my jewelry box.

at the end of week two, i’m 99 items lighter and $390 richer. not bad! if you’re playing, how did you do this week?

7 thoughts on “#minsgame : week two

  1. I’m still plugging along with my version (getting rid of at least one thing every day until Christmas) and there have been lots of “bonus” items here too. It feels great!

  2. Well, you are obviously really focused on decluttering. I on the other hand have 30+ years of accumulated things that I need to plough my way through. There are things that are sentimental, those “just in case” items, and a few “I should hold on to this for just a bit longer” pieces. I have, though, managed to rid my home of several mugs, jugs, and bottles, outdated medicines and otc ointments. Serving dishes I no longer find practical, recipe books I fail to refer to; there is Google after all, and some outdated clocks, lamps, and computer pieces. I have some outerwear that someone will find useful in this onset of wintry weather as well as some seasonal decorations. I’m getting there. I should not have a problem gathering items for the rest of the month, however, I see another minsgame in my near future. Perhaps two! Thank you for the inspiration?

    1. that definitely sounds like a good start! i have found moving to be a great motivator; i imagine it would be easier to hang on to clutter if you knew you didn’t have to physically pack it, move it and unpack it.

  3. Love your blog! You have totally inspired me. And although I have just had a major purging session a couple weeks ago, I am tempted to try and see how many items I can tally by the end of the year too!

    1. go for it! if you celebrate christmas than you know there’s a whole host of things coming into your house next week and it will feel great to make some space. thanks for reading!

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