#minsgame : week one


it’s december 7, so i’m officially one week into minsgame! as i mentioned in my last post, i had a little bit of trepidition over whether or not i had 496 things to get rid of. after all, we’ve been at this minimalism thing for a while and i’ve spent the last few months getting rid of big ticket tosses like books, cds and dvds. they’re long gone and won’t count in my minsgame tally.

that being said, week one was surprisingly easy! of course, i’m still in the single digits and i might change my tune on december 23. an annotated list of what i got rid of this week is below. i started out taking pictures of all the items as they went in the donation box, but that got old pretty quick — when you only have one nap hour to go through a box or two pausing to take photos really slows you down, especially when you have to move the junk to another part of the house (i.e., not the basement or shed) to get a decent photograph. plus, you probably don’t want to look at pictures of a bunch of old cds or university textbooks, right? though, if looking at other people’s crap is your jam, i’m sharing some poorly lit photos on instagram.

december 1 — i peeked in a box of miscellaneous hardware-type stuff (extra vacuum heads, extra lightbulbs, etc.) and tossed a leftover pvc plumbing elbow (1) from when we repaired our kitchen sink six years ago. there’s actually a lot we could lose in this box (maybe even get rid of the box, too), but it requires pierre’s input, so i’ll revisit it later.

december 2 — over the past year, we’ve reduced our bedroom furniture and accessories from a bed frame, box spring, mattress, multiple sheet sets, multiple throw pillows, underbed storage drawers, two nightstands, etc. to a simple mattress on the floor with fitted sheet and duvet cover. i further minimized our sham pillows (2), so we’re left with just the pillows we sleep on and one throw pillow. these were the biggest things i got rid of this week (as in took up the most physical space), and it’s definitely an improvement to our nighttime and morning routines (less work to unmake/make the bed).

december 3 — i donated some vintage tins (3), which could hold just about anything, but we’re sitting empty in a cabinet. getting rid of junk is great. but getting rid of junk and the thing you bought to store your junk? the best.

december 4 — i dropped a few more books (4) in a little free library up the street. (beaches-east york has the best-stocked little free libraries because i’ve deposited about 200 books in them over the past six months.) i’m definitely almost down to the only books i’ll want to move, but it’s a little crazy how i’ve had to take three or four passes at the bookshelves to achieve this. it doesn’t seem like it’s enough to go through things once or maybe i’m just a super inefficient declutter-er.

december 5 — i donated six teaspoons (6) that didn’t go with our flatware, but i’m counting these on day five. the teaspoons are significant because they represent something for which we had adequate space — our cutlery drawer was fine and organized — but that we really didn’t need, seeing as our existing flatware collection includes 24 spoons (soup and dessert) and frankie has a few wooden baby spoons, should we ever need a super tiny spoon. it’s totally common to own different things and gadgets that all do the same job and the kitchen is terrible for this kind of clutter.

december 6 — i went through archie’s toy box and got rid of a few cat toys (6) that he was either scared of (anything with bells inside), that he wasn’t interested in or that were too damaged for him to play with safely.

december 7 — i tossed some baby bottle nipples (7) that are designed to screw on to little 2 oz bottles of formula. i bought them for when frankie rose and i travelled to halifax last may, thinking i wouldn’t have to deal with washing/sterilizing bottles while we were away. luckily i had packed one of her regular bottles, just in case, because she refused to drink from these.


so, at the end of week one, i’m 29 items lighter (including my bonus teaspoon) and not even breaking a sweat. next week i’m tackling workout clothes, hazardous waste and that drawer in the bottom of the oven among other things.

if you’re playing along this month, i’d love to know what parts of your home are getting the minsgame treatment — i just might need the inspiration towards the end of the month.

what do you think?

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