so maternity leave is (mostly) wonderful, but there are lots of days where it’s pretty isolating — days where you don’t even manage to get dressed (thankfully those are now few and far between), it’s pissing rain/super cold or your baby takes a crappy nap and you don’t want to risk going out into the world with a baby that’s going to have a meltdown. to survive these days, i listen to podcasts. before having a baby, i had never listened to a single podcast. i’m all about books on the subway. so i’m super late to the podcast game — but i’m loving them. some of my favourites are: dear sugar radio, the longest shortest time, 99% invisible and — i’ve only listened to the first episode — but i’m pretty sure i’m going to become addicted to limetown.

i listened to a few episodes an australian podcast called the slow home podcast right in the middle of their october challenge; the hosts were participating in something called the minsgame. it’s not their invention, but the idea is to start at the beginning of a month and get rid of one thing on the first day, two things on the second day, three things on the third day and so on. it might not sound that hard, but in a month that has 31 days that adds up to 496 things. i’ve been decluttering over the past few months as we get ready for our (pretty probable) move to british columbia and i’ve easily purged 496 books, cds,  dvds and the like, but  i thought that getting rid of an additional 496 things sure would be a challenge. however, since everything counts (that is, emptying your junk drawer of broken pens is just as valid as getting rid of a large piece of furniture), it might just be possible. after all, there’s no bigger motivator for less clutter than the prospect of a cross-country move. my goal is to fit each room in our house, save for furniture, into just one or two boxes when it comes time to pack.

after thinking about it for a while, i decided to participate in minsgame next month. december is typically about acquiring lots of stuff rather than about carefully considering the stuff you already have and so i hope i can inspire my family to buy less this holiday season. we will inevitably acquire some new things this month, so i’ll also be honest here about whatever those new things are and see where we net out at the end of 2016. i’m confident that we’ll be able to rid ourselves of more things than we buy and maybe even make more money selling old things than we spend on new next month. and i would like to add that while i am ready to be pretty ruthless to “win” at minsgame, i won’t toss anything just to reach some arbitrary tally. if something goes, it’s because it really can go and not because i need a thirtieth item for the donation bin.

so, while most people are counting down the days until black friday, i’m counting down the days until minsgame starts on december 1! if you want to play/follow along, i’ll be posting photos on instagram and doing a weekly update post here on the blog. use #minsgame to play. and… should you see anything that you like, all donations will be dropped at the value village located at the corner of woodbine and danfoth or posted to kijiji, haha. it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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