natural cleaning supplies


oh, hi there! sorry, it’s been a while. i had a baby and stuff. which is as good a segue as any into the subject of this post — homemade cleaning products.

before frankie rose was born, i participated in a natural baby products workshop hosted by rowan apothecary, this friendly little shop in the beach. over the course of a few hours, i learned how to make my own diaper wipes, baby oil, diaper cream, and baby powder. i was able to purchase the ingredients to make all this stuff at hooper’s pharmacy down the street for the sum of about $40. nearly six months into frankie rose’s life, i have barely made a dent in the ingredients, which amazes me because i change 10–12 diapers a day. so not only has this been super cost effective, i also feel really good about everything that touches her body. she has had perfect, porcelain skin since the day she was born, an extra big relief to me since i count rashes as one of my biggest fears, behind sharks.

early last week, cleaning the house and putting the laundry out on the line, as i do now that i’m a mama, i realized i was running out of/totally out of a whole whack of cleaning supplies. (and by “totally out of” i mean i had already diluted the windex with water once.) i really did not feel like dropping $40 at the drug store to restock windex, all-purpose cleaner, wood polish, wet swiffers, and dishwasher powder all in one go, but i also craved shiny floors. i decided to look into homemade cleaning supplies, to see if i couldn’t whip up some better-for-the-earth, better-for-the-wallet solutions. i found a great post over on homesong blog, so i’ll send you over there for all the recipes.

it was back to hooper’s for all the ingredients, again about $40, mostly for the essential oils, which can be a little pricey, but will last a long time. while frankie rose napped, i made the:

  • all-purpose spray,
  • liquid dish soap,
  • wood furniture conditioner,
  • glass spray,
  • tub scrub, and
  • fresh linen spray

i am totally hooked. the whole house smells amazing and i can now feel good about both the soap with which frankie rose gets scrubbed and the bathtub in which she gets scrubbed. plus, how beautiful are these glass amber spray bottles? i mean, i enjoy the ritual of cleaning probably a little more than the average person, but these bottles make cleaning even less of a chore.

ps. i generated embossed labels using this web tool, thinking i could print them on regular avery labels, but, as it turns out, my mom had one of those retro dymo label makers (of course she did!) so i hand-punched these bad boys.

what do you think?

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