premature basement playroom


so after beating all the statistical odds during pregnancy — getting pregnant right away, zero morning sickness, no heartburn, no gestational diabetes, gbs negative, a head-down baby by 29 weeks — i found myself shocked and dismayed to still be pregnant at 40 weeks. i was convinced i would have my baby slightly early, or at least on time, because that was what i was hoping for and everything else had gone just right.

instead, i found myself overdue, swollen, bored, impatient and very, very sick of all the well-meaning “baby?” texts. so i did what any upset pregnant woman would do and i hauled myself to ikea to stuff a 50 lb piece of unnecessary furniture into a car with a half-size trunk, now that there’s a car seat in there.


seeing as i had the time, i decided to create a basement play area for our overdue bundle of joy, months in advance of when (s)he will actually use it. i may have only taken one pre-natal class (and actually missed the part about tummy time because i was waiting in line for a smoothie), but i gather newborns don’t do a terrible amount of “playing” or of sitting in sheepskin-covered small rocking chairs? but this space is ready to go, regardless.



i had this very hungry caterpillar poster leftover from my collection of children’s book art, but it’s not an original, so i didn’t use it in the nursery (photos to come once our baby is born), which is children’s book art “themed.” the blue and white rug was already in the basement, and i hauled ass to ikea to purchase this electric blue cabinet for the space. a craigslist sideboard and a coat of paint (i actually have a quart in electric blue) would have done the job equally well, but that would have meant involving pierre and an autoshare, and whatever — overdue pregnant lady rage. the cabinet will be great for storing toys, art supplies, blankets, diaper changing supplies, etc. in future. right now it’s empty, but yes that trip to ikea was totally necessary. i got so much frustration out by ripping the cardboard box to shreds in the parking lot in order to fit this thing, piece by piece, into my backseat. and then it took me like four episodes of grey’s anatomy to put it together. so that was one day where i wasn’t just sitting around feeling sorry for my swollen self.

my parents supplied the foam tiles underneath the rug, which actually do a really good job of making this space pretty comfortable.

to keep with the colourful spot/ball motif, i was looking for felt ball garland, and may make a strand of my own eventually (or, like, tomorrow if i’m still pregs), but in my search for felt ball garland (it’s my party, dollarama, deserres) i found these streamers for $1 and figured they would do, colourful caterpillar style, for now.


the maple rocking chair was mine and my parents brought it by, along with the foam tiles. the small sheepskin i had, obviously, as i have a problem with buying sheepskins. my parents also have a wooden table and chairs, which will inhabit this space eventually, but i don’t think my unborn kid is quite ready for arts and crafts, so they’re staying in storage for now.


i had way too many books upstairs in the nursery, so i brought a stack downstairs, chosen for their appropriateness for the space — that is, for the colour of the dust jacket or the presence of spots/dots. yes, this stack includes the very hungry caterpillar! and i am obsessed with this grasping/teething toy by grimm’s and by all things made by grimm’s. all of my baby’s things will be made by german fine craftsmen.

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