soft rattle friends


when i was about ten weeks pregnant, i took a book out of the library called simple sewing for baby. the projects did, indeed, look simple and i was excited to put my nana’s sewing machine to use. unfortunately, the machine made things not so simple — besides missing its presser foot (an easy fix), the tension was all off, and no amount of fiddling with the dial or the bobbin case would fix things. i didn’t have a manual for the machine and the make and model didn’t even exist, according to the internet. i renewed the book six times (that’s eighteen weeks folks) and still had nothing for bébé to show for it.

pierre offered to buy me a brand new sewing machine (a bernette london 3) for christmas and i was allowed to unwrap it early because my goal was to make things for bébé and i don’t know how many post-christmas days will be baby free. we’re due mid-january and i’m full term on new year’s eve, so the sewing machine may or may not get a lot of use this winter, depending on when bébé decides to arrive. doctor has told me my “magic” day is next thursday — that is, if i go into labour anytime after next thursday, we’re just going to roll with it and baby will be born. not that i have any reason to think we will have a december baby, but the thought that we could is a little alarming.

at least i have a whole host of rattles made, just in case! once i got the hang of it, it was a little hard to stop. i had a whole bunch of episodes of nashville to catch up on and i just kept making rattles out of different combinations. there’s a part in marie kondo’s book that admonishes people for hanging onto excess craft supplies — like, are you really going to use those spare buttons and the little bits of extra thread that come with sweaters sometimes? in my case, as it turns out, yes! these rattles were all made from scraps of things i had in my craft drawers… including a bit of sheepskin that archie ripped from a pillow. it makes a great rattle mane! and little bits of leather saved from a moccasin-making course that pierre took a few years ago. they are all stuffed with batten from an extra throw pillow and small jingle bells (saved from cat toys that archie also destroyed) are tucked up inside. so this was a $0 project.

this pattern requires such little fabric so it’s great for using up leftover squares. i found some of the thinnest fabric (the grey with sheer pink ribbon) a little hard to feed through the sewing machine without bunching, but a thicker cotton, linen, or fleece works great. anyways, i  imagine these are the sorts of things that may get chucked from the stroller without my noticing, so i may be sewing up a few more over the holidays.

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