easy peasy pacifier clips

pacifier clip

there were a lot of babies in copenhagen and they all had a few things in common: odd-looking, giant pram-style buggies, in which they would sometimes be left chilling in while mom ran inside a cafe (no prams allowed in any stores); they were slightly less attractive than i would have expected (pierre decided seven out of ten danish women were a “seven” or better); and their pacifiers were all attached to their mouths via a little leash. brilliant!

i added pacifier clips to my baby shopping list, but then was alarmed to find out a 9″ of basic ribbon and a clip costs about $10. what is it about the words “baby” or “wedding” that automatically make everything cost a ridiculous amount of money? i figured this would be a pretty simple diy, and it was, but not without a bit of trial and error.


my first attempt involved getting out every remotely useful crafting supply: needle and thread, fabric glue, scissors, fancy paper clips, ribbons, velcro, sewing tape, snaps, etc. i tried making a few leashes where i looped a fancy paper clip through each end, then glued the ribbon to itself, but the glue looked pretty amateur and the paper clips weren’t that easy to fasten to little onesies. next, i tried sewing snaps to both ends of the ribbons, creating two loops that snapped closed and a stretch of ribbon in between. this worked pretty well, but again, didn’t look all that pro.

IMG_4502 IMG_4511

third, i tried the same idea, but with buttons and conference badge clips. these photos make this attempt look pretty dece, but i still wasn’t happy with them. sewing a button on neatly (when you can see the reverse side) is tricky (until i got a new sewing machine!!! so nice) and i was still adding a bit of glue to the ends of the ribbons to keep them from fraying. plus, the ribbons didn’t fit through the small holes on the conference badge clips, so they were folded in at both ends, making it difficult to keep the leash lying flat.

pacifier clipi started all over for a fourth time, using the best of the materials thus far: the conference badge clips. these made it the easiest to attach one end to a onesie (or stroller or car seat) and the other to a pacifier. plus, they were neat and tidy, so sewing or glueing. then, i switched from ribbon to thinner, but still sturdy, cording. i had some suede leather cord leftover from making the teepee baby gym as well as odds and ends from christmas wrapping (paper string, for example). lastly, i simply looped through the holes on the badge clips and tied in a tight knot! i made four leashes this way, all different colours and materials, but this suede leather one is my fav.

and, this obviously took a little back and forth, but none of these efforts cost me anything. i had all the materials for all the versions on-hand, though a few buttons were harmed in the process.

what do you think?

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