stairs are in

i think we left things off in the mudroom with this half-baked mudroom update over two — nearly three — months ago. oops. i got a little distracted by the nursery, but really there just hasn’t been much to report on the mudroom front. since the structure was sealed and sided, the to-do list that remained was one of nice-to-haves over need-to-haves. i, for one, felt that stairs were a need-to-have, but what the hell do i know?


no big deal… just a small step down, right?


we at least had a temporary staircase for the much larger drop to the basement. sorry, i don’t seem to have taken any very good pictures, but you get the idea.


nothing and anything were significant improvements over these two staircases, which is how we accessed our basement previously.

and now, our final staircases are in!

Picture (2)

Picture (6)

the staircases were installed a few weeks ago in unfinished oak, but there was still a bit of carpentry work that needed to be done before we could seal and stain them. witness:

Picture (3)Picture (5)Picture (4)

my brother helped pierre patch up all the raw edges and ugly bits with a mix of oak coving and hobby wood and pierre’s just finished sealing and staining the stairs. we used minwax’s “ipswich pine” for the job and it’s nearly a perfect match for our hardwood floors.



… and also for archie’s fur, apparently. the tiles took a bit of a beating during the staining process, so i do need to do some research as to how to clean them. most are looking not-so-white anymore. i think a heavy-duty cleaning agent like clr and  an aggressive sponge might do the trick, so i may be trying that next week as well as touching up some of the walls and baseboards. such are the pitfalls of a white mudroom.

one last nice-to-have, which is more of a need-to-have, is some sort of barrier or railing to protect little ones or unstable pregnant women from falling over and crash-landing in the basement below. that’s the next and hopefully last thing on the list!

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