nursery so far


since moving my office downstairs, we’ve had the luxury of an empty bedroom on the main floor. in five short months, this tiny bedroom will contain a tiny human! from hiring a doula to to testing strollers, there’s no shortage of things to do (and buy!) to prepare for bébé, but, to me, organizing the nursery is by-far the most exciting item on the to-do list. i’m less enthused about stroller shopping and i know there are some things we’ll leave for santa to sort out, so i convinced myself it wasn’t ridiculous to start prepping the nursery in august. at least one thing will be ready way ahead of schedule!

IMG_4167so far, the nursery contains nothing new. with the exception of a $50 gallon of benjamin moore paint, we haven’t spent a dime on the bébé yet, which is a relief because i hear these little people can cost a lot. we, of course, didn’t happen to have a crib lying around, so there will be some nursery purchases to make, but i’m super pleased we were able to furnish this space with stuff we already had. not only does that give us a budget for things like this chambray bib, but it also means the nursery can’t possibly be aggressively babyish (seeing as this furniture belonged to other rooms in our house formerly).

pictured up top is a 1970s bentwood chair by a norwegian furniture maker (brand escapes me), which i bought a couple of years ago. i’m keeping it as my nursing chair. even though it doesn’t rock/glide, it is really comfortable and the perfect size for two for reading stories. oh, i’ve lied already. i did purchase the pillow (ikea) for the nursery once i’d established the colour palette was going to be denim (um, chambray), red, pink and white. the chair also has a footstool, but there is just no room for it in here, unfortunately.

the rug is about 5′ x 7′ (so, roughly the size of the room) and i bought it last summer at my giant neighbourhood garage sale. it cost $2. and i’m avoiding a theme, but feathers, arrows, etc. do seem to be popping up on a couple of things, so i think this works pretty well. plus, the colours! you can’t see them all in this photo, but the rug has all four nursery colours, plus a few more (green, brown) for good measure.

the survey lamp light was a project from our initial basement clean-out and it gets a lot more love in the nursery (i.e., it gets used and seen). it gives off a really nice amount of light — perfect for reading by.

finally, the mountainscape was another long-ago purchase from javad’s on st. clair west. i think i paid $10 for it and it has also hung in our basement in the past.


the shelf hanging over the chair is a repainted lack shelf (now painted sugar cookie to match the wall) originally from our apartment and lately from our mudroom. the wooden animals were purchased by pierre in 2009 when he worked in africa. they’ve migrated around our house (bookshelves mostly) and archie loves to knock them off of whatever surface they’re sitting on. now they’re out of his reach and displayed as a menagerie.

IMG_4129IMG_4173the glass hook i have had forever — purchased the first summer we lived in the house for a master bathroom that never came to fruition — and i finally have an appropriate place to use it. the wooden animal hook (kudu?) i bought at an antiques place in thornbury for $8. i knew we’d be putting the other wooden animals in the nursery, so i scooped it up earlier this summer.

IMG_4165on the floor near the hooks are a sheepskin rug and two wooden crates, formerly in my actual office (work office) for holding books and resources and repurposed as toy crates in the nursery. i added casters to both crates and painted one of the crates white. the wheels on the white crate are actually the trucks from the skateboard scratcher i made for archie last winter. these will be perfect for holding stuffed animals, wooden blocks and rattles. archie likes hanging out in them, too. he’s the ultimate stuffed animal!

IMG_4128the art on this wall are framed illustrations from children’s books that i worked on. i have plenty more where that came from and i guess if there is a theme for this nursery it’s probably “illustrated.” i have about five other pieces that i plan to frame and hang/display. one will probably need a custom frame as it’s an odd size.

i made the flour sac closet curtain for this room last winter as well and that’s staying — fits the colour palette!

IMG_4163IMG_4168behind the curtain is a four-drawer 4′ dresser with a drop-down change table. i guess this counts as a nursery purchase (as i bought it for a nursery specifically), but i bought it last february, so it doesn’t register as a “recent” purchase. i just knew it was perfect and knew we’d need it someday soon. i sanded it down, painted it red and changed the pulls (more on this project later) over the spring. there’s those feathers i was talking about. there are three white shelves above the dresser in the closet so we have plenty of storage, at least for the first few years.

so that’s the nursery — so far! i do have a crib picked out, so we’ll probably pick that up soonish, and i have the rest of the artwork to frame and hang. plus i want to make my own nightlight out of another previously-used-somewhere-else-in-the-house fixture. and a mobile. and if i’m feeling especially skilled i may attempt my own crib sheets.   

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