nursery envy

i have been saving nursery photos to my photo stream for years. totally unnecessarily because pierre and i weren’t even thinking about having (or trying to have) a baby until this past january. but i can’t say the same for the baby’s bedroom. i have been thinking about that since a time when, had a pregnancy occurred, i could have had my own reality show on mtv.

i’m working with a pretty small footprint, so i can’t execute all of these nurseries’ features in our house, but it’s certainly been an exercise to look through all the photos i’ve saved over the years. some of my favourites have some striking similarities; i’ve obviously been attracted to certain features over and over again: sheepskins, other really cool rugs, wood floors, white walls, natural materials… and the occasional eames rocker.

here are a few of my favourites: nursery 1i love white and wood together and i like this crib. it’s similar to the hensvik, which i plan to buy for our baby’s room since it’s $119 and i don’t dislike it. i also love that ubiquitous you are loved decal, which, let’s face it, i’ll probably buy, too. i’m a sucker for garland and a hipster font.

IMG_0194The Animal Print Shop by Sharon MontroseIMG_0196i love the artwork in this nursery, which is great because it all reminds me of children’s book illustrations, which is what i’ve been saving to decorate my nursery with. i have so much original artwork from when i worked in children’s publishing. i also love the colour palette of this nursery; it’s neutral without being green or yellow.


this is my favourite favourite nursery. there’s that white and wood again and — oh look — another midcentury chair and a sheepskin throw. and some antlers. i wish i had 200 square feet to play with.

IMG_0200another white nursery with an interesting rug. i’m bringing one of our many navajo rugs up from the basement for the nursery. a goal of mine is to see if i can decorate this room without actually buying anything except a crib, which we obviously don’t have lying around.


i thought these origami cranes made a cute mobile idea. i have a few ideas floating around, but i think it might be a project i save for later on, since mobiles tend to be light and delicate and i want to get all the heavy lifting out of the way while i can still touch my toes.


i think this room is cute and it looks like its similar to ours in size, which is nice to see! i like the lamb rocker, though i’d favour a sheep (covered in real sheepskin), of course. pottery barn had some a few years ago. i’m on the hunt! the little chair under the window reminds me of our bedroom chair. totally uncomfortable for reading or nursing, i’m sure, but at least it looks good and barely takes up any room.


i love the subtle wallpaper in this room and how spare it is. the single floating shelf above the crib is perfect. i’ve already painted one of our hardworking lack shelves sugar cookie and hung it on an otherwise empty wall (pictured in my brief announcement post!).


something else some of these nurseries have in common is a large piece of art over the crib or dresser. it took me a while to narrow it down, but i have two substantial pieces of my own (one from a book called why? and the other by roslyn schwartz, illustrator of the vole brothers) to hang over the crib.

of course, children’s books themselves will also be playing a big part in the nursery — if i have a lot of children’s book art, just imagine how many children’s books i have after six years in children’s publishing and another two years working with kindergarteners.

wallpaper nursery3

another room with great wallpaper! we won’t be doing wallpaper on the walls, but i did order some removable wallpaper to go inside the dresser drawers. (it’s to cover up some terrible contact paper that’s in there already and that i can’t get out to save my life.) similar to the wooden shelf here, i have some wooden crates that i used to use for storage at work. they’re now in my shed, awaiting books and toys.

to the people whose nurseries these are, i’m sorry i haven’t given credit — i’ve had some of these photos for so long, i have no idea which blogs or where online i found them. what’s your dream nursery look like?

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