stockholm fabric

photo 1

in moving my office down to the basement, i picked my stuff up and plunked it down in a new location. but i wasn’t really into the turquoise with the colours in the rug. i feel like i’m at ikea every week picking up (or returning) mudroom stuff, so one time while i was there recently i picked up a new piece of fabric to recover the chair.

photo 2

at a time when projects around the house are complicated, time consuming, and frustrating, this was one easy one. i used a flathead screwdriver to remove the old staples, cut and placed the new fabric, and used a staple gun to affix the new cover.

photo 3i also ditched the tiny pillow for another sheepskin rug — somehow i have a few extra of these laying around. much improved and, with the purchase of a cat tree for archie to keep him from killing the fabric couch, the basement is all done. a few things left to do for the mudroom — stairs! troughs! sod! — and then onto a very exciting new project.

what do you think?

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