half baked mudroom update

well, we’re definitely much closer to the end of our mudroom project than the beginning, but we’re still a good six weeks away from that happy day — it’s just really hard to get trades at this time of year and the last few people we have booked aren’t at our site until august. however, i have these interim photos where, if things are not totally done (a staircase is one key element missing), they’re also miles away from where we started.


looking into the kitchen, you can see we have oak nosing, trim (no more door!), and paint on the walls. we don’t have stairs, so we’re using the bricks to step down (hence the dirty ones). the bricks stay for structural reasons, but they’ll be covered mostly by the rise of the short stack staircase that’s being built for us. i love life without the doors — so much more light and a great view from the front of the house to the backyard. sitting in the backyard, we can see all the way through the house and into the neighbour’s across the street. and archie’s getting lots of exercise running between floors. once we get the stairs in here, it will be fantastic.


looking into the mudroom from the kitchen, you can see we have tile and trim! we managed to find an exact match for the tile in our foyer and bathroom, which makes everything nice and consistent. it’s 24″ x 12″ porcelain tile and it’s only about $2/sq. ft. so that was a win. the twins were able to find a match for our baseboards and window/door trim at central fairbank lumber, which stocks a lot of “classic” mouldings.

the staircase you can see peeking out of the left corner is just a temporary staircase. a few more weeks until our real one arrives to be installed.


first thing after painted walls, i hung the coat rack that i made out of an old roof board. this will be the extent of coats/shoes at the back door; everything else will go underneath the stairs in a storage unit that i plan to buy/build this week. this will mean unpacking our shoes out of garbage bags, which is where we’ve been storing them since early may. exciting times.

IMG_4103IMG_4097i hung the tin art today, the homage to the old mudroom. our skylight has been tested (it opens!), but it hasn’t been used much yet because i need to paint the ceiling before i can install the screen that will keep archie from eating all the world’s flies.

IMG_4090finally, finally our interior light fixture from schoolhouse electric. it’s the martin sconce in black porcelain. pierre picked this up while he was in portland in may and it’s a big improvement over our exit light fixture, which, predictably, cast a red glow that made it difficult to actually see anything. that light’s still pretty cool though, so i have another idea on how to make use of it. stay tuned!

while we’re here, let’s revisit my list from a few weeks ago:

  • sanding, second round of mudding and more sanding
  • priming and painting (okay, almost — i still have to do the ceiling, some touch ups, and the walls that the stairs touch)
  • tile
  • trimwork — baseboards, door and window trim, etc. all custom-made to match the older trim throughout the house? sure. it’s only money.
  • troughs and soffits — a special leaf-repelling kind? all the way around the house? possibly.
  • oak stairs stained to match the hardwood floors — custom-made? with a glass barrier in a powder-coated steel frame? maybe. we’ve come this far.
  • install all of the electrical — interior light, exterior lights, baseboard heater
  • power wash all the siding and paint nail heads and seams with colour-matched paint
  • caulk around the addition and all windows and doors
  • build cabinets / shelving unit in storage area under stairs to hold linens, shoes, seasonal items, etc.
  • pocket door installed to tuck storage area away
  • repaint basement floor
  • landscaping —a patio for the barbeque, fix our kissing gate patio, grade and sod the entire yard
  • stone step for outside the sliding glass doors
  • so much cleaning!!!

i’m planning to build the storage unit this week, finish painting, and book the trough guy for a date in the not-so-distant future. and maybe tackle some of that cleaning.

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