basement drywall


you might recall that part of our mudroom renovation scope of work included drywalling this corner of our basement so that we could make better use of some of the space we have downstairs, especially now that the mudroom connects the main and lower levels so nicely.

the twins studded it out with 2 x 3s and added drywall and trim — baseboards and window trim to match upstairs and a little crown moulding for a nicer finish. i filled in all the nail holes and added paint. then i wasted no time in turning the space into my basement office.


basically everything upstairs simply came down. there’s even an added seafaring element in the slope to the basement floors — my desk now veers to the left noticeably.



lighting is still iffy downstairs; it’s a mix of fluorescent lighting, those patio lights we strung up over the couch and tv, and random pendants. this cage lamp is just draped over a beam, so it’s easily moved. the gutted hardcovers hide our modem and router, moved downstairs for optimum netflix speed.



i brought the walnut strips down, but something went wonky with my laser level and they’re not really aligned very well. i’m trying to decide if i care to pull them out, patch the holes, touch up the paint, and rehang them. i might care enough.


what my upstairs office didn’t have is a sewing machine/craft area, so i’m excited to have all the goods in one place.


the twins made this window a whole lot nicer by framing it and then i used ¾” copper pipe to make a little curtain rod. now that my laptop, etc. is downstairs i thought it would be best to fortify the basement window with a flimsy flour sac curtain. this is one of the two sacs i bought in texas a few years ago. it’s just looped over the bar and held in place with personalized clothespins from my friend meghan’s wedding last year. IMG_4083

and here’s where the drywall meets the brick of the living room area! so nice. i need to touch up the floor paint in a few areas and probably redo the walnut strips, plus so much cleaning still, but overall pretty thrilled. my summer semester started yesterday and going to school full time plus freelancing is going to mean many many hours spent down here this summer (where it’s nice and cool at least!).

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