walls and a window

the twins gave us two long days of work in order to give us framed walls, a floor, a roof and a skylight. thunderstorms on friday afternoon meant we couldn’t quite get the structure sheeted and closed in with our sliding glass door. but it’s definite progress and looks enough like the real thing to make me really excited to see / use the finished space!IMG_3996they started by framing the floor, adding glue, and then topping with ¾” plywood. you can see the opening for the stairs. my dad had some stringers leftover from his own build, so the twins used those and scrap lumber to whip us up some temporary stairs. even the temporary stairs are so much nicer than the cement staircase we had! unfortunately, the stairs are covered with plywood to give the boys a solid surface on which to work, but another week and we should have access to our basement again.


here’s a very poor shot of our floor and covered staircase. to accommodate the pitch of the new roof, the twins had to take a bite out of our old one. luckily, the wood under the shingles was nice and dry and i’m even going to reuse a piece of it in a mudroom project. i guess roofs are made of plywood now, but ours is planks of fir. also — the original shingles were underneath the newest layer: cedar shakes! i love cedar shakes and wanted to side our mudroom in them, but my dad had some leftover cape cod siding, which i liked a lot and was free. but when it comes time to redo the roof (five years?) i’m looking into cedar shakes. i think they would really suit the house; the original builder must have thought so, too.


a little later that same afternoon, we had walls! aaron’s just finishing framing up the double sliding glass door. you can see it’s centred with 7″ on either side. i had pictured the door shunted to one side, leaving me with space for a closet, but the mudroom is at its maximum width (two brick window sills on either side) so even if the door had been flush to one side i wouldn’t have room for a closet. too bad. i agreed the door would look better centred so that’s where we put it, but i’m going to have to think hard on storage. we’re going to have ample storage underneath both sets of stairs, but that’s not practical for the everyday things we need to access, like jackets and the ironing board.


with rain expected on day 2, first priority was the roof. the boys ate away at a number of more shingles and weather-proofed the whole deal. we’ll have a roofer come to reshingle, put the flashing on the skylight, and re-do our eaves and soffits.

IMG_4002lastly, they installed our 4′ x 4′ skylight! we have a huge maple tree shading our house so it’s like living in a tree house. the skylight is also electric, meaning we can open and close it. the box depicted a number of attractive women drinking wine and admiring the skylight. when we’re all done, i think that’s what i’ll be doing, too. which two of my friends want to put on fancy dresses and heels (a la the box) and join me?

unfortunately, the twins are back on another job early next week, so i won’t be seeing their handsome faces for a few days. but we have some serious yard clean up to do in the meantime. i think i’ll feel so much better once the excess dirt and leftover materials (e.g., the concrete blocks we didn’t need) have been hauled away and my garden beds have been re-edged. no hope of getting a landscaper in before july, but not having to climb over a sand dune to get to the shed will be nice.

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