tin art


when we demo’d our mudroom, i was delighted to discover that the addition was built of recycled aluminium cans. not delighted in the sense that that’s a good thing — living in a house built out of old soda cans is a little disconcerting — but in the sense that it’s kind of cool, especially now that it’s no longer. our new structure will be built out of conventional materials, such as wood, nails, and tyvek.

IMG_3995an unwillingness to use tin in the new build did not stop me from saving the best sheets and framing them up for our basement. part of our mudroom job involves drywalling an area of our basement so that we can move our main floor office downstairs. since the basement is currently all exposed brick, we don’t have any art on the walls, save for this giant antler, which is suspended from the rafters with fishing line. the newly drywalled area will give us a place to hang these six frames, right above the desk, i think.

IMG_3994here’s what i salvaged and framed:

  1. pepsi cola
  2. orange crush
  3. 7 up
  4. stubby lemon lime
  5. doran’s
  6. melody fraise

the frames are all the 40 x 50 cm ribba frame from ikea.


i had a coca cola sheet as well, but it was in the worst shape of the lot, so i tossed (recycled) it as an even number of frames will work best in the basement — two rows of three above the desk. we’re definitely still a few weeks away from the office move, but i’m hoping things will be set up in time for the summer, as i’m enrolled in two graduate courses starting july 6 and i can’t close the door to the office since archie’s water dish and litter box are in here. he’s the kind of cat that walks all over your keyboard and i could do without that when it comes to working from home. for now, the frames, like everything else that awaits a home in our mudroom or basement, are stashed in the dining room. can’t wait until everything is in its right place.

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