this may come as no surprise, but our mudroom renovation is two weeks behind schedule, owing to certain twin carpenters being behind on another job. i hear this is quite typical, but for someone as particular as myself, having a giant mound of dirt sit untouched in one’s yard for two weeks is akin to water torture. so, with nothing much else to do (i took two weeks vacation to oversee the reno, now at a standstill), i have taken to sitting aggressively on the front porch with harry potter (for the twentieth time) and pretending that the backyard is someone else’s and someone else’s unfortunate problem.

IMG_3983we have this very cute teak patio set for our front porch. it replaces some side-of-the-road furniture finds and was a gift from my parents a couple of birthdays ago. unfortunately, they’re not super comfortable for reading 800 page books. enter ullamaj, the $13 chair pad from ikea! i bought eight of these today — two for the front porch and six for the equally uncomfortable teak chairs on the back patio (out of commission, obviously). i love them! they’re reminiscent of both burlap and ticking, two of my favourite fabrics. they fit the chairs pretty perfectly and stay in place with a simple knot.


the black stripes are nice and faded, so i think they work well with our somewhat scruffy porch. (i repainted the top porch rail and our front door this week — see stalemate reno above — but opted not to sand and repaint the porch floorboards. i’m not that bored.)


our front porch is covered, but i may apply scotch guard to the six cushions going in the backyard. i’d put them away in the shed in between uses, but it’s not always practical to put cushions on / off / on / off and they might catch a little bit of rain every now and again. ikea does make some outdoor (so i’m assuming weatherproof) cushions, but none that look like ullamaj and ullamaj was definitely the style for me. anyways, these cushions will make my vigil on the front porch more comfortable at least.

what do you think?

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