craft cubby

after months of meeting with contractors, we finally have someone to do our mudroom renovation! if all goes according to plan, we’ll be in the thick of things this may. we tacked a little basement project onto the job, too — just some studs and drywall around this corner of our unfinished basement.


this corner is one of the more useable corners in the basement. it’s roughly 12′ x 10′ and free of obstructions like pillars or a furnace or hot water heater. plus it has a window! the idea is to give it two walls and a window frame so that i have something to prime, paint and make pretty, since the craft table will eventually share this space with my desk and filing cabinet and i couldn’t imagine concrete walls making for a cozy work space. Both pieces currently reside in our second bedroom, but they are fated to migrate downstairs in order to make way for a crib and change table sometime in the future.

in preparation for this eventual rearrangement, i moved the kallax (also from our office) downstairs this weekend and turned it into a rolling craft cubby. i purchased this to house archie’s food, toys, and bed when we adopted him last november, but, as these things tend to go, he’s never been very interested in lounging in it or on it. the kallax is a pretty popular nursery piece, and i thought it would be good for books and toys when archie was done with it, but i’ve been sizing up that room lately and i’m thinking the less furniture the better.

luckily, i had a third idea for it.

craft cubbycraft cubby open

the blue metal toolbox is from guff (still on queen east, but now relocated to riverside). i paid too much for it ($90?) over a year ago and it’s been useful but kept out of sight on our wooden shelves. i’m glad it gets to show off in its new location! the green plastic containers are actually from a different toolbox (one of my dad’s), but they fit perfectly in these drawers, so i commandeered a few for buttons, knobs, and gift tags.  craft cubby topcraft cubby corner detail

the sheepskin is on top so archie can watch me work and look out the window at the same time. the wooden box on the left is an old whisky case that belonged to pierre’s grandfather; his mémère gave it to us with some old tools of his grandfather’s inside a few christmases ago. we keep most of our tools out in the shed, but it’s handy to not have to go outside for a hammer, screwdriver, or tape measure, so we keep a few everyday tools in this box. the wooden box on the right i picked up in prince edward county for free; it holds my giant collection of pencil crayons, wax crayons, and markers. i think i got a new set every year of grade school and have just been amassing half-used pencil crayons for decades.


my nana just gifted me her sewing machine and the craft table provides the perfect set up for it: a lower shelf for storing the machine when the table is being used for some other project and a table top for using the machine while standing.


even though my mom has shown me how to sew numerous times, it didn’t really sink in until i took a learn to sew class at the workroom on queen west. now i feel pretty confident and plan to take on some simple sewing projects!


i shifted the location of the sewing table and re-swagged the light above it. when i bring my desk downstairs, it will sit parallel to the sewing table, facing the opposite way (facing drywall instead of concrete). gives me a nice space to work! i’m actually looking forward to moving the office downstairs and can’t wait for the contractors to start on the mudroom.

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