breakfast bar


when pierre and i first started house hunting, we had a small, but non-negotiable list of must-haves, one of which was a big kitchen. like 80% of the items on the “non-negotiable” list, a big kitchen we did not get. but, guys, now my tiny kitchen is eat-in!


the first summer that we lived here, when our backyard was still just mud, i left the kitchen window open and the blinds down during a storm. that action resulted in mini-blinds that were covered in a kind of grimy, sandy film. have you ever tried to clean mini-blinds? i have — by laying them out on sawhorses and trying to scrub them with soap and water. i wound up with grimy, sandy mini-blinds, most slats now bent. i’ve never replaced them — a new set would run us about $50 — because the window the blinds were covering is super old and it’s on the list to be replaced. once replaced the blinds will be a different size, necessitating another replacement. so we’ve just had gross blinds in the kitchen for five years. but no longer — the blinds are gone. but because the window is old (early ’80s), drafty and broken — i broke it trying to clean it — i shrink wrapped the window before putting up the breakfast bar. just one of those $4 kits that uses plastic, double-sided tape, and a hair dryer. it should keep the drafts out for the next six weeks… ohmigod i can’t wait for spring.


i got super skinny ekby brackets from ikea; i needed something tiny for the 0.25″ space between the window moulding and the wall. i used a jigsaw to fit the wood snugly against the window frame. the wood is a $12 laminated whitewood board from home depot. it got a light sanding and a coat of mineral oil.


the stool is from g.u.f.f. and it was the only one with a yellow band on one leg; i picked it to match the kettle! IMG_3809it’s hard to believe that this view will change from a metre of snow to wildflowers soon, and i’ll be able to drink coffee outside instead of drinking coffee and looking at the outside. but in the meantime, this is a pretty nice alternative! it’s also a nice spot to sit with a glass of wine while someone cooks, a good secondary work space, and even extra prep space in a pinch.

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