skateboard scratcher

skateboard cat scratcher

i set archie up with some aesthetic and functional cat toys, but he’s a needy little furball and, in addition to the blue chair, he started showing an interest in our victrola’s speakers. i hope i’ve cut him off at the pass with this vertical scratcher, which i made out of:

  • a skateboard deck
  • hot glue sticks
  • sisal rope
  • yarn
  • feathers
  • leather cording
  • wooden beads
  • washi tape


the washi tape is covering some holes that pierre made, trying to make the skateboard scratcher himself…and that didn’t quite meet my specifications. it took about two hours and 15 hot glue sticks to wrap the sisal rope around the skateboard, then i weaved some blue yarn through two of the holes for the trucks and wrapped that around the sisal rope for a bit of a difference in texture. the leather cording is wrapped and knotted through another hole that pierre drilled. the feathers are tied together with the leather cording, then that’s looped through a wooden bead for security. it’s mounted to our super shifty plaster wall using four four inch screws.

IMG_3732so far, so good! he’s even leaving the blue chair alone for now.

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