living stylishly with a cat

cat shelfIMG_3689IMG_3693

…is something i googled after i brought archie home. and i found this site, where a stylish, blonde, german girl blogs about outfits and custom, german-made (so über stylish cat trees). unfortunately, custom cat trees made of virgin, german trees are not something that seems appropriate to buy my cat (or any cat?) so i kept looking. as a first-time pet owner, i’ve got to say i’m surprised there aren’t more options for stylish, well-made, well-priced pet things in 2015.

i am a super neat freak, and my biggest reluctance when it comes to a pet is definitely the ruined furniture. my own cat has done nothing to challenge the stereotype; he has single handedly destroyed my most favourite piece of furniture. the bites to the chair have only gotten more ferocious, so i wrapped it in bubble wrap and then bought “sticky paws” to slather over it. the sticky paws kept him off the chair, but it also further ruined the upholstery, pulling where he had already bitten, which was everywhere. the chair has serious puncture wounds. which makes me sad, but not nearly as sad as really ugly cat furniture.

which is maybe why archie attacked the chair in the first place. i had to special order some not-ugly cat furniture and that took me a while to pick out, then a while for it to ship. but now that it’s in place, it’s appealing to him about as well as my velvet chair (and more than our new couch, knock on wood). IMG_3654

pet fusion cat lounge

this is the petfusion cat lounge! the shape mimics the chair that archie likes so much, which means archie was instantly attracted to it and it also looks good (or not terrible) in our living room. modko makes a similar scratcher, but doesn’t offer free shipping to canada. their version comes in white, which i would have preferred, but price won the day this time. (seeing as i have a chair to reupholster in the future.)

IMG_3609 IMG_3612

in an effort to give archie more space to lounge, play, and observe, i also relocated (and repainted) one of our lack shelves from the mudroom. these shelves have moved around so many times and served so many purposes. we’ve had them since we were in the apartment and they’ve been primed, painted, and rehung more times than i can count. this time i painted it summer shower (benjamin moore) to match the wall. i also wrapped some elastic around a ball that archie was otherwise not interested in and used the stabilizing screw in the bottom of the shelf to suspend it above his scratcher.


i bought him some cat grass in an effort to bring a little bit of the wild indoors. he loves it! and hops up on his shelf for snacks. overall we’re living pretty harmoniously. as in, i didn’t have to buy one of those six foot tall cat trees. i even hid the litter box behind a pretty cool curtain. it’s still semi-obvious that we own a cat, but it’s not a ton of ugly cat stuff that gives it away — it’s archie greeting you at the door every time you come home.


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