gym bag pillow

owl pillow

i bought this owl gym bag for $12 in berlin two summers ago, and i’ve carried it around like a teddy bear for the last couple of years. (i really hate carrying a purse, so you can most often find me with a canvas tote of some kind.) with its ropy, backpack-like-ness, the owl gym bag has been my go-to since i got it, and it looked it. i’d washed it several times, but it was just starting to get embarrassing — pretty grimy, a little ripped. like a teddy bear, it was no longer really something that should be making its way to work.

IMG_3665IMG_3662i gave it an extra good wash, snipped the drawstring, stuffed it with a pillow (i have a closetful just waiting to be recovered!) and sewed tight stitches across the top of the bag. it goes perfectly in the basement (with our animal print coasters — there’s even an owl in that pile!), especially since i recently commandeered the flour sac being used as a downstairs pillowcase to make a curtain for the spare bedroom closet. in fact, the basement was pillow-less for a while, but all the pillows from upstairs have migrated downstairs since we got our new sofa.


i’m always happy to upcycle anything, super happy when it’s something from a trip, and especially happy when it can be done with minimal materials (pillow, sewing needle, scissors, cream-coloured thread) for free! bonus: the pillow was finished before i could even finish an episode of the mindy project — so free and simple!

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