deck the walls

as i mentioned in my last post, i picked up two 8″ x 2″ patrick lajoie mini images (sand and stripes and pink tower) at the one of a kind show in toronto a few weeks ago. and i became totally obsessed with all of his pieces and wanted to buy them all to cover every wall in my house. especially, this one (colour haze), for over our bed. and this one (thunderbolt), which we actually bought.

the photographs are transferred onto birch panels, which not only makes them really unique, but means you don’t have to pay thousands to frame them. plus, given that a lot of his photos are of beach scenes or outdoor scenes, the wood adds a really cool texture to the water and sky.

i snapped a bad iphone photo of thunderbolt and a few other pieces and texted them to pierre. he’s been looking for a really giant piece for our living room wall since, well, since we moved in, i guess. i personally think pierre’s a pretty great photographer, and i especially love the abandoned amusement park photos he took two summers ago, when we visited berlinthunderbolt reminded me of those photos and it was immediately my top pick.


IMG_3550 IMG_3551

pierre recognized patrick’s style from the middle piece; he’d seen patrick’s work featured before, on jessica herzig’s blog. jess is an art advisor who moved to l.a. with her husband about a year ago; the husband is a friend of pierre’s, so he’s been following her blog. since we loved it and the artist had jess’s stamp of approval, we decided to buy it!

thunderbolt came in a few sizes, at a few price points. we were originally drawn to the 40″ x 60″ (patrick made five, so they’re a bit rarer), but decided the 32″ x 48″ (edition of 10) would be plenty big on our living room wall. and, i guess this is a byproduct of buying big-girl art, patrick both delivered and installed the piece, busting out all the stops to deal with our plaster walls.thunderbolt IMG_3631

we decided thunderbolt would be our birthday gifts to each other, with the agreement that, in the event of a parting of ways, pierre would buy out my half at current market value and that he’d also buy me a replacement 29th birthday gift.

pierre thinks this piece is a huge improvement over all our other art hanging around the house (obviously, because i’ve picked everything else out and have paid no more than $50 for anything). but, while i love it, it’s not like i love it one thousand times more than any of our $2 finds. so just goes to show that “good” art has nothing to do with its price tag, and everything to do with whether or not it makes you smile!

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