flour sac closet curtain

flour sac curtain

because our contractor went awol this fall and our mudroom project is delayed indefinitely (did i never mention this? i might not have) we have archie set up in our spare bedroom. his litter box is currently in our spare bedroom closet and that closet had a bifold door on it that we were leaving open for him. but tuesday night i went to the one of a kind show and, amidst other gift purchases, bought this 8″ x 2″ photograph by caledon artist patrick lajoie.

patrick lajoieIMG_3556patrick lajoie

i was all excited to hang it on my “seascape” wall in the studio until i got home and realized that the open bifold door blocked the exact square of wall i wanted to hang it on. boo. (i got the second piece for free because we actually went back and purchased a huge piece for our living room wall — patrick’s coming to install it this week.)

i had long-term plans to remove the closet door anyways, much like we did in our own bedroom. we took our closet door off so that we could put a three drawer dresser inside of it; it’s really the only way a dresser would fit in our bedroom. looking around our spare bedroom (which is about 70 sq. feet) i figure the closet is the only place to house a dresser/change table for our non-existent child and we’d also installed floating shelves in this closet with that future plan in mind, too. so off came the closet door, to be replaced with a curtain that wouldn’t obstruct the art, but still allows us to hide the towels, sheets, vacuum cleaner, and kitty litter.


i removed the closet door very quietly. i may be watching too many episodes of my cat from hell, but i was really worried that if i did something traumatic around the litter box (i.e., bring a closet door crashing to the ground) that archie would then be afraid of the litter box. i sanded, poly-filled, sanded again, and then painted the closet trim. archie wanted to know what was going on and got a bunch of paint on himself, but my cat would be covered in paint.

i debated how to hang the rod. i knew i had saved these block-y things from our basement reno (these use to hold up the closet bar in the old bedroom downstairs), but i was at the home hardware in parkdale on my lunch and found these great copper end caps that fit the 7/8″ wooden dowel i bought to use as a rod, so i was thinking about hanging the rod out in front, like a curtain rod. in the end, i went with reusing the block-y things (i don’t know what these are called)… i sanded them and gave them a quick drink of mineral oil before just screwing them right into the frame. so i have some great copper end caps for a future project.

i cut the rod to size using a handsaw, and then slid the black clip rings on. the rings were my biggest expense for the project — about $15. it’s what i used for the flour sac window curtain in the basement and they’re brilliant — so simple. ’tis the season of more money going out than coming in, so i wanted to do this project without buying anything and just using stuff around the house. total expenditure for the project was less than $20.


the curtain itself was made out of two old flour sacs that i already owned. one was being used as a pillowcase in the basement and the other as a dish towel. unstitched and then stitched together they were the perfect width and length — and i’ve always wanted a flour sac closet curtain, ever since coming across photos of this other 1940s toronto bungalow bedroom a few years ago. it inspired the little flour sac curtain in our basement, oft cited (by me) as the whole reason for our basement reno!


my mom and i used seam rippers to open one long and one short side of the flour sacs and we just left the edges raw to keep things simple.


my mom used her sewing machine to stitch the long sides together and voila! archie has shown a little interest in pawing it, but not as much as in our blue velvet chair — yeah, the one we had professionally reupholstered and now boasts about 10 holes from a certain cat’s teeth.

i love love love the curtain and just hope it stays out of archie’s claws. i guess a little hole or rip would just add to the charm (since there are already a few holes in the sacs anyways), but something in tatters would be just too shabby, especially to reuse in a nursery.

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