craft table for christmas


last june i was able to find the perfect $5 rug for the open space in the basement, and have been searching for the perfect table to go on top of it ever since. we wanted something with more than one shelf, counter height, and, maybe getting a little too picky here — but i wanted something with a celery green base. this guy is pretty close!


i got it off craigslist. the husband delivered it, said his wife was a designer who dragged this home from new york. the thing weighs about 400 pounds.


there was some electrical already in place over or roughly around the table, so pierre hooked this pendant up for overhead. between the garden lights and the tripod light, and the table itself, i thought we could go for some non-industrial lighting. this is the ikea vanadin pendant; we’ve got the matching surface mount lights in the bedrooms upstairs. IMG_3531IMG_3530this arrives in our house just in time for christmas wrapping (a welcome change from the living room floor) and holiday crafts, first of which is coming up soon!

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