at the end of my contract with wwf (tear), i was gifted a $50 etsy gift card. i showed restraint for a number of weeks while looking at it, clipped to one of the walnut strips in the studio. then, a few weeks ago, i was visiting my dad in thornbury, doing a little bit of shopping, and came across three dilapidated toy arrows. and i was like, yes. arrows. i didn’t buy these particular arrows (their feathers were pretty pitiful), but i found a brooklyn-based shop on etsy called gallivanting girls that could mail me some. vintage arrowsi received five arrows for about $40 + shipping, so mostly covered by my gift card. the girls pick five arrows at random, but i requested the one in sea foam green (top arrow in the photo below). IMG_3412IMG_3407IMG_3408IMG_3409i employed professional methods to hang the arrows above the two door frames in my kitchen. giant ladder, not giant enough, so topped with books, magazines, a drill case, and a container of leftover baked goods. then, a laser level perched atop all of this. i measured 10.25″ in from the walls and drilled pilot holes for 3/4″ cup hooks, which i’d spray painted white the day before.


the whole process took 45 min including clean up! a nice addition to the kitchen and — in addition to my newly acquired cast iron pans — more innocuous kitchen things that double as weapons…

what do you think?

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