jute a few kitchen pics

i haven’t posted much about our kitchen, ever, even though it’s arguably the “most important” room in a house. but we haven’t done anything to our kitchen since moving in — besides moving in, that is, so there hasn’t been a whole lot to say. it’s kinda small (obvs), and kinda dark, though hopefully that changes with the mudroom reno (three weeks ’til demo day!). the kitchen was newly renovated when we bought the house (four years ago now, holy), and we definitely paid for it in the purchase price, so everyone can understand why i’m reticent to do anything to it, even if i wouldn’t have picked those counters, that sink, or those appliances, and even if i definitely wouldn’t have covered a window with uppers… it’s a perfectly functional, nice kitchen, and while it’s not exactly to my taste (there’s a lot of stainless steel), i remember quite liking it when we did the walk-through and i am grateful that a kitchen renovation has never been on our to-do list (super expensive, super inconvenient, and i don’t like take-out all too much or washing dishes in a bathtub).

it can feel a little frosty sometimes, though — maybe it’s just the draft coming in through the mudroom (three weeks!), but i think it’s all the hulking stainless steel appliances — so i’ve taken to adding some cottage-y touches where i can. enter this jute hanging planter from the vintage loop, just arrived in my mailbox:

jute planterIMG_3304IMG_3306

there are 10″ between my last cabinets and the window/back of the house, handy for storing cookie sheets and cutting boards, and it allows the light from the window in, a little bit (before the uppers block the light). i have so many house plants and nowhere to put them, seeing as there are drafts everywhere, small rooms, under-cabinet lighting that singes, and shallow windowsills (note to all future house guests: just bring yourselves! please.) but i quite liked this large succulent and didn’t want it to suffer the same fate as all my other house plants — namely, death. so i bought it this macrame hanger and affixed it to the ceiling in that awkward space. i think it’s happy there, but the windows are old and not very efficient (the kitchen window is even bonus broken; it only opens from the bottom and the springs are gone at that) so i’ll have to protect it from frostbite in the winter that’s coming for us soon.



nothing like a plate of garlic, a hot pot of coffee, and a brown bag of concord grapes to distract you from laminate counters, right?


we added these blue shelves a long time ago, but i’m constantly switching out what’s on them. right now they’re serving as a bit of a coffee station, and i like this little ceramic sucre house i paid $4 for. IMG_3317IMG_3320IMG_3312

finally, we used to have stainless steel kitchen utensil canisters, but i came across these ceramic ones and decided to swap them out. if i can’t have a farmers’ sink, i can at least have white ceramic somewhere in the kitchen. there’s also room to grow my collection of wooden spoons, clearly. (this just in: i’m collecting wooden spoons.)

i nearly bought an old wooden stepladder in fenelon falls last weekend, on my way home from a “business trip” (aka adult camp; i’ve recently come to realize that i managed to turn camp counselling into a profession), but didn’t — and now i am full of regret, of course. ah, well. for something i use so much (and teeter on) i should probably spring for new, anyways. couple more little kitchen tweaks on the way, maybe, though i’m thinking that mudroom (off the kitchen) is going to make a huge difference.

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