young buck


pierre and i were visiting my dad’s big house in the spring, and i finally had the good sense to venture inside this nothing-looking antique place in a strip mall on highway 26. it was actually massive, despite looking like a disappointing place from the outside, and filled with tonnes of cottage-y goodness — paddles and snowshoes and furs and antlers! i think the place is called blue mountain antiques and it’s open weekends. everything is a little on the expensive side, because the owner hails from parkdale. so, toronto prices in thornbury, unfortunately. but he’s open to haggling.


i bought this antler (my first antler not smuggled home from the state of texas) for $110. steep, i know, but i got him down from $140 and it was just kind of one of those things i had to have. i thought it would look great over the couch in the basement, but it rested on our coffee table for a few months while i figured out how i wanted to suspend it. it’s pretty heavy and unwieldy, and i didn’t want to drill into the brick.

IMG_3217IMG_3216IMG_3215instead, i turned portlandia on the t.v., screwed two hooks into the subfloor above, wrapped the antler in rusty wire, and then looped 6 lb fishing wire through that, wrapping the fishing wire around the hooks until the antler was level. IMG_3218so far, so good, but i’ll let you know if it lands on our heads.

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