august flowers


it’s august! this is exciting for me because i’m over the summer school hump. life is still busy, but i’ve handed some assignments in, i have a long weekend ahead of me, and september is still a total unknown for me, so i’m just going to enjoy these last few weeks of summer.IMG_3071

so that means enjoying the garden and wildflowers and all the bees and butterflies. i cut these flowers around my dad’s property, propped them beside my latest ship painting, and left them both in his kitchen for the weekend.IMG_3136IMG_3137IMG_3138IMG_3140

my own garden is just as wildly weedy and wonderful as the valley, my go-to place for wildflowers once i’ve snipped all my own. for the last few years, i’ve just been adding layers of wildflower seed mixes to my garden beds, so the results are always surprising, beautiful, and effortless.

IMG_3123i’m not worried about all my flowers running out this year (i can leave some for the butterflies), because pierre actually bought me weeks and weeks of bouquets from herb n’ meadow; i pick a new bouquet up every tuesday after school at a house on langley avenue.

IMG_3120you can still sign up to get your own bouquets! there’s a pick-up in the west end, too.

what do you think?

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