away in the county

in march, i made the somewhat questionable decision to enrol in the summer semester of my masters program; there was a class that i really wanted to take on offer, and, as a part-time student, i’m allowed to take courses in three out of four semesters. in fact, whether or not i take a class, i pay for the privilege of having the option of taking three classes a year, so not enrolling in three semesters is a big rip-off.

here we are, three weeks into the six-week semester (summer’s a shortened semester — i go twice a week for three hours instead of once a week for twelve weeks) and i want to go back to march and punch my efficiency-obsessed, economically minded self in the mouth. i desperately, desperately do not want to be preparing a presentation on school gardens over the long weekend in august. like everyone else, i’d like to be at a cottage or on the beach, reading harry potter for the twelfth time.

instead, i’m going to have to settle for casting my mind back to the second week of june, before summer school, when pierre and i took one of our not-infrequent trips to prince edward county. (for some good antiquing tips, check out this blog from 2011, and for the best place to stay, check out this blog from 2012.) IMG_2946

on the way there, we stopped in brighton, to visit this amazing place. it’s coffee, giant cookies, and antiques, people. we bought a rug (my third that day, but more on that later), ate some grilled cheese, and split a giant cookie. and thanks to my sister-in-law for the reco!

IMG_2951IMG_2956photo 3

first glass of wine of the week from closson chase, and a turn about the grounds revealed that their lavender didn’t survive the winter either.

 IMG_2962IMG_2961photo 4amazingly, the only thing i purchased all week (besides wine) was the aforementioned rug, and a birthday gift for my brother (a discontinued, metal ontario parks and rec sign to show where hunting was permitted). IMG_2974IMG_2973IMG_2972

no big deal, but this is just my dream home, currently functioning as a gin distillery. IMG_2978

with a cooperage in the backyard.


and our rustic lodgings for the week…

IMG_2968photo 1photo 5

rustic, but with a view… our small beach out front of the cabin. pierre actually jumped into the water to rescue a baby bird of prey that fell from its nest. we named him prince and he dried out on our deck all afternoon.


in an effort to work off all the wine, we undertook a 50 km bike ride with the bloomfield bicycle club, a few days into our vacation. not on these bikes, thank god (we borrowed some $3,000 road bikes…) but my thighs quivered in fear upon seeing these in jim and dave’s antiques, a quick pit stop on our way home to toronto.

i love the county — my mantra as i try and get through the next three weeks of school.

on the way:

end of the thread
23 main street, brighton

jim and dave’s antiques
22233 loyalist parkway, carrying place

good wine:

rosehall run
1243 greer road, wellington

norman hardie
1152 greer road, wellington

karlo estates
561 danforth road, wellington

in wellington:

tall poppy café
298 main street

280 main street

east and main
270 main street

in bloomfield:

bloomfield bicycle co.
225 main street

66 gilead distillery
66 gilead road

slickers ice cream
271 main street

mccools reuse
1149 west lake road, picton

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