bungalow in bloom

from a fence to a patio and a shed to perennials and a raised vegetable garden, our back and front yards have received some much-needed love over the past three summers. now entering our fourth (!) june in the house, a lot of the hard work from years’ past is making the summer slog of digging, weeding, planting, and mulching a little less daunting. in the frontyard especially, a lot of our plants are coming back, fragrant and full.

front garden
dogwood, hosta, creeping jenny, euonymus


front garden
purple leaf sandcherry, cedar, euonymus
viburnum bush?



the lavender is still pretty grey and i think our holly bush has frostbite, but it looks like most plants survived the cruelest winter in my lifetime.


this lilac tree blooms every spring in the alley between our house and our neighbour’s garage. it will make its way into our living room if we let it and its existence makes me feel like we live in a tree house — a pretty miraculous achievement given the reality of our tiny city house, wedged up against many other slightly larger city houses.

the backyard didn’t fare quite as well as the front yard and i’m not sure why, as i took special care to pile leaves in our garden beds in the backyard, to protect the plants from cold. maybe it’s because the plants were a bit younger, or just not as hardy, but our poppies, butterfly weed, monster grasses, rudbeckia, and gilt-edge toad lilies all went to the place beyond the pines this winter.

pierre spent most of today seeding and replanting — i already forget what — while i did vegetables. but our monster grasses were hauled away and replaced with a native raspberry bush from evergreen’s garden market, about which i’m pretty excited.

a much much shorter to-do list this summer than last… it’s limited to:

  • hardscape underneath our gate; i’d love to find some brick to reclaim at a building site somewhere in the city for the project
  • rig up a clothesline for laundry… and string lights!
  • create a little pathway to our barbeque; plants are taking over the thoroughfare and it’s been a little difficult to navigate recently

i think that’s a nice, manageable list for the summer, seeing as i’m registered in the summer semester for my masters program (not the original plan, and i’m still debating whether or not it’s a good one) and i’ll be continuing to work this summer (yay!). my year-long work contract was due to be up next friday, but i’m staying on for the summer, at least.

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