swiss army sheet

while the basement is looking loads better (go basement!) it’s still an unfinished basement — and that means it’s home to unfancy but necessary things like our furnace, our water heater, and the tools that make this blog happen. and while i dream of the day i’ll be able to put all that stuff in a room and close a period-appropriate door on it all, that day is not today. so i decided to do my best to cover as much of that stuff up with a not-on-purpose asymmetrical swiss flag.

look how good this one looks! hanging out on a wall and everything.
look how good this one looks! hanging out on a wall and everything.

we’ll call this photo my inspiration and acknowledge in advance that there’s a big gap between my inspiration and my achievement. IMG_2728

let’s get started! (said me to myself at 7am one sunday morning not too many weeks ago.) this project required:

  • a purple paintbrush, not unlike the one you used as a kid to create masterpieces
  • one small jar of red fabric paint
  • painter’s tape
  • two $4 twin-sized white flat sheets from ikea
  • coffee
  • cardboard / newspaper so the paint didn’t bleed through the cheap sheets


you’ll notice what is not on this list — a ruler. i used the lines that were ironed into the sheet to create my cross and — in looking at these photos — i can see that i’m an inch short on the right. but it looked perfectly symmetrical to me at the time (again, 7am one sunday morning not too long ago). 

after i was done and the cross dried (a few hours), i ran an iron on the highest setting over the reverse side of the fabric. this step wasn’t necessary officially, as i’ll never wash these sheets; they were $4 from ikea, so there’s no way they won’t shrink weirdly and warp in the wash, and then i’ll have an asymmetrical cross and an asymmetrical flag. P1050065so it’s a slightly imperfect swiss flag, but it’s hiding the ugliest of our tools, draped simply over an old gas pipe and held in place with two small binder clips.P1050072it’s directly behind our (new! grown up!) television, which is another bonus — no seeing of the luggage and drills overtop of whatever we’re watching on the screen, which is… nothing exciting at the moment. when does orange is the new black come back on?!

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