just add white lights and paint


this was our basement. and i had this idea that if we just took down all the drywall, wood panelling, and ceiling tiles, and painted everything white, it would become this loft-like space. the beams and ductwork would become part of the appeal of such a space, instead of something we just hit our heads on and curse.

while the renovation didn’t reveal 10′ ceilings, tons of natural light, or an industrial past, we did get exposed brick and surprise hardwood floors. (the ductwork is still just ductwork, unfortunately.)karlstadkarlstad

1600 lbs of vinyl flooring, ceiling furrows, potlights, and drywall removed, and six months later, here’s where we’re at. the basement’s not totally done — hence the somewhat closely cropped photo — but it’s a big big improvement.

the couch is an ikea karlstad — you really can’t beat the price for the look and quality. alternatives from places like style garage were triple the price, but i didn’t love them three times as much. plus, we have a 25″ door leading to our basement, and the karlstad comes apart. i actually first saw this couch in the remodelista book, loved it, and was surprised (and delighted) to learn it was from ikea and not an $8,000 designer couch. i’ll probably put some custom legs on this bad boy eventually, but i love it otherwise.

the coffee table is an old crate used for shipping us military rocket parts. we added castors, and it’s got lots of room for blankets inside, which is a good thing because the basement is a little cool still. we found it in the basement of queen west antiques and pierre thinks it’s one of the best things we’ve ever carter home.

the grain sac pillow is also from queen west antiques. i love the pillsbury flour sacs i used as curtains on the window — i just love the colours of old grain and flour sacs.

the console table we had custom made at guff. more / better photos to come!

our total spend is hovering around $4,000 right now, but only $1,000 of that was on stuff we won’t be able to use for the final basement (like paint). a big part of the budget was our new couch (!) and our first-ever television, stuff we’ll put into storage in a few years and reuse once our basement is underpinned. $1,000 out the window for an extra 600 square feet of living space has been very very worth it so far.

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