bin there, dumped that

photo 3the nine yard dumpster i ordered from bin there, dump that (chosen mostly for their clever name) arrived at 7:30 am on january 2. i had been expecting them around 10, but the knock on the door at 7:30 said otherwise. the guy delivering the bin was already brushing off our car for me when i came out to move it, blind and wearing paint-splattered sweat pants.

photo 1it was -30°c and somehow snowing, when we began moving all of this out of our basement and into our bin in the driveway. wood panelling and large pieces of drywall went in first, followed by the floor tiles, furring strips, ceiling tiles, studs, and, finally, the garbage bags — which were full of dirt, dust, tar paper, and rusty nails.

all of this took about two hours, and we’d only filled the bin about halfway. so we decided to get rid of any other junk on hand, breaking down the two work benches in the basement, dismantling and tossing old ikea furniture, purging tupperware, jewel cases, and other small crap, and recycling a whole bag with old electronics. anything that didn’t work, we didn’t need, or couldn’t remember touching in the last year went into the bin.

we were ruthless; even the light fixture attached to the ceiling joists in the photo above (which has never worked) was taken down and thrown in in the name of more headroom.

bin full

of course, after we’d taken it down and pierre had smashed the lights, he realized that the light was part of a circuit and now none of our lights in the basement worked. luckily, google is a miraculous thing and a search for “how to complete a circuit after removing a light” yielded a solution. we pig-tailed like-coloured wires together and, after three tries (as there were three permutations of which wires went together and which stood alone), we had working lights again.

we still can’t get over the amount of stuff we threw into that bin. especially feeling like if we went through all our stuff again, we could likely get rid of even more. we feel like we’re pretty good about clutter, not buying unnecessary things, etc., but somehow we managed to accumulate a bunch of stuff in the last three years. all that stuff has to go somewhere — a landfill — so we’re vowing to be even more vigilant and diligent moving forward.

IMG_2517even with all the debris gone, the basement still looks like hell at the moment. i want to paint all the brick white, but the brick and mortar — especially below ground level — is a crumbling, dirty mess. the wood and brick also absorbs a ton of primer and paint (which is expensive!) and eats roller sleeves for breakfast.

i’ve managed to get a coat of primer and two coats of white paint on the brick at the back of the basement here, and now i’ve bought parchment-coloured spray paint to fill in the areas that are just too crumbly to prime or paint. i’ll see how the spray paint matches up, and might give this whole wall one more coat if the colour is a bit off.

it’s back to work next week, and back to school, too. i’m hoping to keep working on the basement pretty steadily, as it’s really dry down there right now and it won’t be that way come june. plus, pierre is reluctant to row until the wood and cement floors have been sealed, as the dust is pretty bad, so i’m eager to get things back to normal for him.

ps. i would totally recommend bin there, dump that to anyone in toronto needing a dumpster. the cost was really reasonable, they dropped off and picked up on time, and they were really careful about the garden out front. and we just bought a 48-hour street parking permit from the city so we could park on the street while the dumpster was in our driveway.

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