basement plans

as we head into what feels and looks like fall, next june seems awfully far away. but it’s not really, if you’re planning on digging out your basement and need contractors, plans, permits, and another loan from the bank.

we talked to my dad at thanksgiving. we’d been putting the conversation off because he’s so busy with his build up north; we really didn’t want to add anything to his overfull plate. but june really is the most optimal time for us to do this project; i doubt we’ll ever get another opportunity where one of us is not working and my next semester is still a couple months away (and we’re not retired or home with a newborn).

so we talked about the first steps. namely, sending my dad drawings of the existing and future basement.

existing basementthis drawing was done when we were talking about renovating the first time. going through those three-year-old files to dig this out was tough; to think, if we’d gone through with things, i’d be typing this from a second floor office or sun-filled dining room. well, i wouldn’t be typing this at all, i guess, since there’d be no need to excavate our basement.

this shows our basement as-is. steep cement stairs leading to a somewhat open space roughly the size of our main floor. there are three parged pillars supporting our main floor, three windows, and a long narrow room that we use as a workout space. i’m really excited to rip out the wood panelling and ’80s potlights.

new basementthis is what we’d like our basement to be. it looks really simple, but i know by now that nothing ever is. sorry the room demarcation lines are so faint — i wanted to take a photoshop course this fall, but didn’t know i’d be starting my m.ed when i made that plan.

1. bedroom — possibly a new one for us, but maybe not. either way it will mean we get a third bedroom in this house. good for guests and resale.
2. semi-ensuite bathroom — most definitely with a clawfoot tub and will probably mean we’ll move our master to the basement.
3. living space — will accommodate a television (the luxury!) and an office (since we’ll be turning our current office into a nursery someday).
4. laundry / mechanical room — pretty much what it sounds like.

we’ll also be rebuilding the entrance to the basement completely, making the mudroom feel like a part of the house rather than someone’s weekend diy project.

i know it doesn’t sound like too much, but this will double our living space, fix our insect and water problems, and get our home to the place it needs to be so that we can start a family — a tall order, in fact.

the wishlist hasn’t started to grow too long yet, but we know we want to remove those three pillars, put in heated concrete floors, and go tankless with our water heater for sure. and there will definitely be hex tiles in the bathroom. and i’m sourcing all my super ancient doors first and then making our carpenters build doorframes to fit them.

what do you think?

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