flohmarkt versus flea market

several weeks before our trip to europe, after we’d booked our flights to prague, but before we really decided where else we wanted to go, pierre sent me an e-mail titled “what to do on a sunday in berlin” that contained a link to this article.

and just like that, we were going to berlin. and we were staying until sunday.

Flohmarkt Mauerparkformerly home to bear fights, mauerpark is now home to flohmarkt am mauerpark, a weekly flea market, karaoke showdown, and easily the best spot to spend a sunday in berlin.

flohmarkt am mauerparkflohmarkt am mauerparkflohmarkt am mauerparkflohmarkt am mauerparkthere’s a big line-up at the entrance, but that’s just to get a map. i can’t quite begin to describe how epically huge this flea market is — let’s just say we walked around for three hours and didn’t even come close to seeing every row. (and yes, in case you’re wondering, i did buy that oil painting i’m inspecting for 5€.)

flohmarkt am mauerparkflohmarkt am mauerparkflohmarkt am mauerparkflohmarkt am mauerparkthe market had everything — but most especially second-hand clothes from h&m, so many steins, denim jackets, lace-up brogues (including an amazing pair of slate blue suede ones i had to leave behind), polaroid cameras, furniture, crumbling maps, and rusty stuff.

flohmarkt am mauerparkflohmarkt am mauerparkflohmarkt am mauerparkflohmarkt am mauerparkin addition to the oil painting (now hanging in our studio, alongside so many other ocean/ship-themed photographs, prints, and needlepoints), i also bought a pair of shoes, which i can’t wait to wear once the weather turns a little colder. not bad for our last morning in berlin. the only disappointing thing was all the great stuff we had to leave behind, just unable to fit some fabulous things in our backpacks. i would’ve loved to have been able to bring home a dozen of those assorted locker baskets, as we’re beginning to think about our basement and about how we can make it less terrible while we wait for the right time to dig it out and underpin it.

2 thoughts on “flohmarkt versus flea market

  1. honestly, I mus say that I dont like the mauerpark so much… its so often overcrowded and the mood is sometimes strange… esp. of the sellers… Nice, that you have different experiences… greetings from Neukölln 🙂

    1. we went super early, but a few hours into the day it was getting very crowded. i did really like it, and didn’t get a weird vibe, but i also don’t speak a lick of german, so maybe i was just blissfully unaware of any oddness!

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