baby bunting

i sure am knocking things off the baker’s dozen 2013 list this week! i learned canned something last sunday, and then all this week i chipped away at a baby shower gift for my cousin danielle, fulfilling my “hand-make more gifts” resolution.

owl nurserya few weeks ago, danielle posted some pictures of her nursery on facebook. and as annoyed as i am by all the baby photos in my news feed — when did i become old enough for my friends to have babies? — it was super helpful that she posted these photos so that i could see what her nursery colours and theme were.

she has lime green and orange owls painted on at least three of the walls that i could see, and an overall woodland animal theme happening. i decided i wanted to make some bunting for the nursery — you know, those pennant-type banners in every baby’s room ever. but regardless of how popular they are, i still wanted to make one.

at ikea last weekend, picking up the vanadin lights for our bedrooms, i also spent some time in their fabric area, looking for something woodland-y and in her colours.

stockholm fabricthis pattern is called “stockholm” and it fit the bill pretty perfectly. i bought two metres because i’m really bad at judging amounts, so obviously i have about 1¾ metres leftover.

even though a million how-tos for this project most definitely exist online, i winged it and didn’t consult any pictures or instructions. you can be the judge of whether that was a good idea or not, but i just had my own little vision and didn’t want to copy anyone else’s design.

i started by making up some little stencils in indesign, a triangle with an extra inch across its base to accommodate the ribbon, and the letters of the baby’s name, which is harrison.

IMG_2246i folded the woodsy fabric in half and traced eight triangles onto it with a sharpie. this way i just had to cut one triangle to get a front and a back, exactly the same size. i then ironed all the triangles so they were super starchy and stiff.

next, i butterflied the triangles and ran a bead of fabric glue along all the edges, using the iron to press the two halves together, but leaving the flat edge across the top unglued (so i’d be able to run the ribbon through the tops and string them all together in a line).

nursery buntingi let the fabric glue dry overnight and tackled the ribbon the next day after work. i taped one end of the ribbon to a pencil crayon and used that to feed it through the tops of the triangles. once it was all through and nice and flat, i snipped it, leaving 23″ on either side of the first and last triangle for tying, hooking, or whatever.

IMG_2259next step was extremely ad hoc. two of my pennants had a little too much glue too close to the top, so i couldn’t fit my pencil crayon through the hole to thread the ribbon. no big deal, as i had tons of leftover fabric and could just make two new pennants, but it was late, i was tired, and really didn’t want to cut and glue two new pieces.

so i got out our package of wooden meat skewers and used one of those to thread the last two triangles. that worked so well, that i decided to sew a meat skewer into the top of each triangle, making them nice and sturdy on the ribbon. into the top of each triangle, on top of the ribbon threaded inside, went a wooden skewer. then i just did one simple stitch into the ribbon and pennant, securing the skewer and the pennant in place at the same time.

IMG_2263next, i flipped over a piece of the sapphire velvet i had left over from the orange slice chair and pillow reupholstery projects. i traced the stencils i had made backwards, so that when i cut them out, they would be facing the right way on the good side of the fabric.

then it was just a matter of using more fabric glue to carefully place a letter in the centre of each pennant. i double and triple checked the spelling of harrison’s name before glueing, since i spelled danielle’s new last name wrong on the photobook i made her and her husband after their wedding day (and still cringe over my mistake).

IMG_2265IMG_2267but unless they decide to change the baby’s name before he’s born, i’m pretty sure i’m good with this one. now all i have to hope for is they have a wall big enough to hang this on — eight is a lot of letters for a tiny baby! (and quite a bit of work, too; next baby i make one of these for has to be named “sam” or something equally as short!)

what do you think?

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