the last wall

pacific mapi don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed…but over the past 18 months, i have painted every inch of drywall, plaster, and wood in my house. twice, considering second coats. (this does not include the wood panelling in the basement, which i am dying to rip out, but can’t until i have a disposal plan.)

this was the last wall: in the kitchen, opposite the stove and around the doorframe.

vintage mapi painted the baseboards and trim back in march; i had the semi-gloss paint out because i was renovating the bathroom. apparently, i didn’t think renovating a bathroom in three days was enough work, and i knocked off the kitchen trim in between yanking old caulk out of the bathtub and making a sandwich. having the trim already painted did make this a quick, spontaneous paint job, though.

vintage mapsometimes people ask me when we “did” the kitchen, since i haven’t written many posts about this room. but this is me doing the kitchen — i painted this wall.

blue barn board shelving

and hung some open shelving.

fortunately, one the costliest, biggest renovations you can take on was the one that was done for us by the bungalow’s previous owner. and not too badly — i don’t love the laminate counter or that our microwave completely covers a window, but i don’t dislike either of these things enough to spend money to change them.

but i did dislike a white wall enough to paint it another shade of white (and then hang an old map on that wall, effectively covering up my work).

what do you think?

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