fairy lights


spring 2011, when pierre was busy clearing the back corner of our lot, we discovered a 15′-ish pole in our yard, obscured previously by some seriously thick yew trees. it was used to connect a clothesline to our house, but it was way too high for me to use, so we took the line down (good story).

the pole proved a little more permanent. pierre dug around it, loosened it, raged at it, but 4′ below the ground we spied cement. this thing is in there. so we admitted defeat, refilled the hole we’d made with dirt, tamped it down, and now we have this random pole in our yard, which, even on our tallest ladder, is too tall for me to do anything to (like spray paint or hang a bird feeder or something).

solar string lights

since this is our future patio site (july 22nd! contractors booked!), i decided on some string lights — too college dorm room? (i had them, you had them, whatever, i love little white lights.) this was last summer and, despite looking at products on amazon more than once last year, i hadn’t done anything to bring tiny white lights back into my life.

white solar lightscarriage house shedlattice fence

but, today i was at canadian tire (our delphiniums required bamboo stakes) and i saw these solar-powered string lights, 40% off. i bought three boxes and then spent entirely too much time in the 36° heat this afternoon trying to achieve the perfect looping effect.

white lightsmason jar candle holderIMG_2110

i think the result is a space of which a college girl would approve.

4 thoughts on “fairy lights

    1. Go to Canadian Tire now! They’re $29.99 a box (on sale from $49.99). Brand name is possibly Yard Beyond or Yard Extend or something. And put your manufacturer’s quality doubts aside; mine all lit up like a Christmas tree last night.

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