leslieville flea!

there’s a new flea in town — one that is 10 minutes from my house instead of clear across the city.

last summer’s launch of the junction flea couldn’t have come at a better time. pierre and i were in our furnishing shopping prime, still having both bedrooms, the kitchen, and the bathroom on our to-do list. we went twice, both gloriously sunny, hot sundays and came away with an awesome framed print for our hallway and a $15 dress for me, which hasn’t yet fallen from my top outfits roster.

last fall, i flirted with the idea of starting up a flea of our own. that is, in the east end. leslieville being the obvious neighbourhood to play host. but i’m already involved in organizing one community event (the east lynn park farmers’ market!), and kind of figured organizing a monthly flea market was more like a full-time job than something one might do just because they thought it would be a good addition to the neighbourhood.

luckily someone had the same idea as me, except they actually executed it! leslieville flealeslieville flea bannerthe first leslieville flea was today and my friend erin and i decided to check it out, even though it was intermittently drizzling and pouring rain. to fortify ourselves, we got coffees from the leslieville farmers’ market first.  aqua molded chairsthe weather was supposed to clear up by noon, but we both had family stuff later, so we were two of the only customers poking around first thing. in fact, some of the vendors weren’t planning on making it until the sun came out, too. as we were leaving, a few more booths were going up and a few more zip vans were being unloaded. cowboys and indians mobilei really just went to look around — i’m not shopping for anything right now, our main floor has a good done and full feeling to it, like if i brought anything home something would have to go and there’s nothing i want to go. but if we were decorating a nursery, how deliciously inappropriate is this cowboys and indians mobile?bragg and beeokay, and even though i wasn’t looking to buy anything (took the ttc and only had $40 cash with me — signs that you are not a serious shopper!) i did buy a mint green skirt for $15 from these guys, bragg and bee. nowhere to try it on, not that i would have relished peeling off wet jeans in the parking lot behind the duke, but luckily it fits perfectly. and by perfectly i mean i am going to have to take a pass on that father’s day cake tonight. leslieville flealeslieville fleasmartly, the leslieville flea is the third sunday of every month, while the junction flea is the second. i haven’t made it out to a junction flea yet this year, i think because it is kind of a whole day undertaking — drive or ttc to the west end, brunch somewhere, and then a slow perusal of the stalls — and i haven’t had an entire sunday to devote to coffee, popsicles, and wondering whether or not i need a terrarium in my kitchen — in many months. but that’s why the leslieville flea is so perfect! i hit the farmers’ market, shopped the flea, and was back home before noon. hopefully i can visit again, but this time on a sunny sunday!

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