curvy beds

i don’t love gardening. i like to sit in the garden. i like to look at the garden. i like to eat from the garden. but the tasks that result in a garden you can sit in, look at, and eat from, are all huge chores for me. better than emptying the dishwasher, but chores nonetheless. that’s why i’ve been a little slow on a backyard update…not a whole lot to report when you can’t bring yourself to work on the project.

that’s also why a landscaped yard was pretty high on the “nice to have” list when we were looking at houses. one detached place on rhodes avenue came with gingerbread trim, bright yellow siding, and a dreamy, meadow-like yard, but the roof looked like someone had chewed it and spat it out and there was no dining room or parking space. but — staring out my kitchen window, looking at my barren land for the last three summers — i’ve sometimes wished we’d bought that house instead.

curved garden bedpurple iriscurved garden bed

but the backyard’s finally starting to take shape — a curvy shape! pierre carved out the beds while i was in halifax. he also bought a lot of the plants. but i spent about 8 hours today placing, digging, and planting, considering, then uprooting, redigging, and replanting.

we’re really wishing we’d fenced this side of the property last summer, when we did the back and west-side of our lot. but we didn’t. since we’re too exhausted to even think about another section of fence, we bought a lot of tall plants instead: dappled willow shrubs, joe pye weed, and feather reed grasses.

i couldn’t tell you what other plants i put in. columbines and delphiniums. i can’t remember the names of anything else.

for a good dose of meadow, though, i bought six packets of mixed wildflower seeds and scattered them judiciously throughout the bed. germination takes just 7–14 days, and i’m hopeful this bed will fill in with lots of flowers that i can cut.

teak outdoor dining setobviously a patio is still very much on our to-do list. as is sanding and staining this teak dining set my dad rescued from a curb. both tasks fill me with dread, easily more dread than gardening does, but it would be nice to eat dinner not atop a mound of dirt.

carriage house shedIMG_2042IMG_2043poppies are blooming at the back! i love the colour — like cantaloupe. i planted this part of the yard last fall and other than one black-eyed susan and one butterfly weed, everything came up this year. vegetable boxand vegetables are growing — the lettuces are going insane and my basil isn’t dead yet, so: success.

anyways, this is just a quick look at what’s blooming in the garden today. we’re far from finished, but making progress.

5 thoughts on “curvy beds

  1. I think your curvy bed is going to fill in really nicely (and then you won’t notice that the table and chairs haven’t been refinished!). It’s looking really welcoming. I’m with you on gardens. I like the idea of them much better than the reality of them. I should probably spend more time in parks. 🙂

    1. Thanks! We had a lot of rain yesterday, which should help the new plants settle in. And parks are awesome (and often better landscaped!), but the reason we’re so intent on a great yard is because we want to be able to use it as an extension of our house in the summer months — the only way we can have lots of people over at once!

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