tax-free teak

a lot of my friends get really excited about april 30th. it’s tax time! and for us arts & culture, non-profit type 20-somethings that means a sizable tax return.

unfortunately (and really, this is the only unfortunate thing about it), i am married to a total non arts & culture, non-profit type who takes all of my eligible deductions for himself in order to minimize the taxes he pays (and, thus, “we” pay). boo. and, in a testament to my maturity, i have stopped making him write me a cheque for all the money i should have gotten back, but didn’t.

this year, i got a measly $125.15 — just enough to buy this teak coffee table designed by iconic midcentury design firm gustav bahus & eft via craigslist and off a woman i met in a canadian tire parking lot in pickering. pierre’s gift to me — remember, i said he didn’t owe me a cheque anymore — was that he let me buy it, which is a kind of victory. (he also said i could keep any money i made selling our old coffee table. to buy other tax-free things off craigslist? maybe.)

teak coffee table3L73J83Hd5Ec5K45Fbd4c08d6ca772bdc18e7

this is kind of a bold statement, but… i think this might be my favourite thing i’ve bought off craigslist ever. the top spot has long been shared by the giant gold mirror in our dining room and our orange slice chair, but this table might eke them out, at least for now.

bungalow living roomthis was such a lucky, perfect find. it’s exactly the right colour to match our modular shelving unit and the exact right height for the couch and chair, too. and the condition! this is the only piece of furniture that’s walked through my door in the last two and a half years where i’ve just put it down. done. it’s perfect — no sanding, staining, repairing, painting needed.

best of all, we’ve been able to move our orange slice chair into the living room rather than have it stick halfway out into the hallway. the flow from the foyer to the back half of the house is much improved. the table is in a really comfortable spot for both the couch and chair, something that wasn’t the case with our newly retired, long ikea coffee table.

IMG_1950i know there’s a lot of wood — and more of it in the dining room, which is open to the living room, but i’m completely unapologetic about it; i really love me some teak.


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